Crankbrothers New Adjustable Seat Post Kronolog 2012 2013

2/2/2012 : sicklines

, Crankbrothers New Adjustable Seat Post Kronolog 2012 2013

Crankbrothers has introduced a new adjustable seatpost called the kronolog.  This new post seems to solve a lot of the complaints with their previous seat posts as well as other common issues with adjustable seat posts.

“. Although if functions mechanically, the kronolog feels hydraulic. It is smooth, supple, and quiet. Air spring technology lets you adjust the preload and return speed simply with air using a standard shock pump, and air damping allows the saddle to return to a normal riding position in two, smooth stages.

The kronolog has a unique keying system between the quill and shaft that virtually eliminates rotational play. It also locks into position both upward and downward. Improved cable routing means that the cable will not interfere with your riding – the cable routes from the post’s stationary body, so when the post moves up and down, the cable does not move.” Crankbrothers.com

Time will tell how durable this new post is but it looks to be a winner on paper in a variety of categories.

Hose attaches to the post and not the seat post head so there won’t be cable movement to consider when adjusting the height during rides.  Hydraulic feel with air spring technology also sound good in terms of

Crankbrothers claims a 50g weight saving over the Joplin as well.  Crankbrothers clearly sought to create a lightweight adjustable post here as well with its claimed weight beating the RockShox Reverb, Specialized Blacklite, and many others according to our verified weights section.

Materials: Aluminium
Post length: 405mm
Claimed Weight:
30.9 >> 465g + 28g(remote)
31.6 >> 477g + 28g(remote)
Adjustment range: 125mm / 5in

, Crankbrothers New Adjustable Seat Post Kronolog 2012 2013

Hans Rey is featured in this video showing a few key steps in setting up the new Kronolog.

Learn More at crankbrothers.com


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