2010 Eurobike: Hope Tech Prototype Goodies

9/17/2010 : sicklines

Hope Tech was showing off some pretty neat parts at Eurobike this year.  They have created a cassette that is fully integrated into their freehub body.  What this means is they are able to build a cassette that goes down to a 9t cog.  Check out some of the details inside.

If you’ve been paying attention to some of the latest happenings, you may have noticed that on Brendan Fairclough’s Specialized Demo he was running a micro drive setup of sorts with a small chain ring in the front paired with a custom DT setup that had a custom freehub body that had a small 9t cog on it.

, 2010 Eurobike: Hope Tech Prototype Goodies

Hope 9t one piece machined cassette and freehub (click to enlarge)

Hope Tech was showing off a custom cassette that is integrated into the cassette body itself.  This allowed them to also run a small 9t cog.  This is still a prototype and Hope is planning on making this in some form soon.  I asked price, and was told it would most likely be around 150 pounds.  They’re still working out details as to what range(s) to offer but this is a neat thing that certainly has its applications in certain situations and suspension designs.

, 2010 Eurobike: Hope Tech Prototype Goodies

Hope 9-36t cassette+freehub integrated (click to enlarge)

Hope was also showing off a machined single speed guide.  Much like the MRP 1x and the e.thriteen/hive XCX single ring systems it is designed to retain the chain on the chain ring for XC/Trail bikes that don’t need a full chain guide.

, 2010 Eurobike: Hope Tech Prototype Goodies

Hope guide (click to enlarge)

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