2010 Windham World Cup #6 – Videos – Photos – Results

9/1/2010 : sicklines

The 2010 World Cup Series comes to a close at Windham, NY. The season was packed with lots of drama leaving the final race to determine who would take the overall men’s and women’s title. Check inside for videos, results, and team race reports.




2010 UCI World Cup Downhill Final Standings:

Rank Prev. NAME / First Name UCI Code Team Points
1 1 ATHERTON Gee GBR19850226 COM 1229
2 2 MINNAAR Greg RSA19811113 SCB 1185
3 3 BLENKINSOP Samuel NZL19881028 LPI 864
4 4 GWIN Aaron USA19871224 YET 757
5 6 BEAUMONT Marc GBR19840925 GTB 633
6 5 FAIRCLOUGH Brendan GBR19880110 MER 606
7 9 PEAT Steve GBR19740617 SCB 491
8 11 HART Danny GBR19910920 GFT 482
9 10 PEDEMANAUD Fabien FRA19840612 STT 480
10 12 SMITH Steve CAN19891125 MSE 478
11 7 COLE Cameron NZL19880203 TMR 450
12 19 BEER Nick SUI19870917 STT 435
13 8 LEHIKOINEN Matti FIN19840419 CRC 415
14 15 LEOV Justin NZL19841020 TRK 410
15 17 SIMMONDS Matthew GBR19870520 CRC 379
16 14 NEETHLING Andrew RSA19840805 TRK 378
17 16 O’CONNOR Shaun AUS19910713 KPB 378
18 22 MACDONALD Brook NZL19911125 MSE 377
19 13 SPAGNOLO Damien FRA19850428 MFT 374
20 21 STROBEL Luke USA19860624 MSE 340

Windham, New York

Aug. 30, 2010

Santa Cruz Syndicate’s Greg Minnaar (SRAM/RockShox) places 2nd overall in the UCI World Cup Series with a 2nd place race finish today as he and Gee Atherton took their tightly fought season to the finale with Gee emerging victorious on the day in a nail biter all the way down to the finish line.  Steve Peat was on a smoking run, but took a nasty spill near the finish, which caused him to place 55th, and 7th overall in the series.  Josh Bryceland’s 12th place finish completed his season with a 23rd place series overall.

, 2010 Windham World Cup #6 – Videos – Photos – Results

Men's Podium | credit: Kathy Sessler (click to view more photos in the gallery)

This was the first UCI World Cup held in the US in five years and the small, quaint Americana town of Windham, New York rolled out the red carpet for us.  The town looked like a canvas was ripped off the frame of a Norman Rockwell painting and placed right here. The hospitality the town showed was unlike any I have ever seen before!  All the townspeople were volunteers donating their time to make the event the huge success that it was.  Even the liquor store was giving discounts to everyone associated with the race!  And I was in heaven at Todaro’s Italian market with the wonderful fresh foods and the nicest people to help.  I did find the colorful Santa’s everywhere a bit odd, then found out they were Rip Van Winkle statues, 55 of them around, which was still very odd and you could get a map to find them all.  Must be the Catskills version of the Hollywood Stars tour map….

The weather was rainy for the first few days upon our arrival, giving the perfect atmosphere for us to stay inside and have the annual Syndicate Christmas dinner complete with turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, the lot, and silly white elephant gifts.

Since the mountain hadn’t had rain for some time the red, clay soil held the moisture long after the rain stopped.  Maxxis High Rollers were the tire choice for the week and performed well in the wet to drying conditions.  And Muc-Off cleaners whisked the red mud right off, keeping the carbon V-10’s looking brilliant.

The first day of practice was going well until the afternoon.  Greg was following Steve down the track and got offline and hit a tree and his forearm near his elbow took the brutal impact and dislocated his elbow.  Greg looked at his arm and his arm and hand was sticking out the wrong direction.  Steve heard the impact and went to help him.  As they went to the medics, Greg’s arm slowly worked its way back into place.  I took Greg to the hospital in Albany, an hour’s drive, to have it checked out.  After a long wait and some amazingly fresh sushi from the hospital cafeteria, Greg was examined and the x-ray showed no fractures.  He felt the joint was stable and his strength was good and he was sure he would race the qualifier the next day, which was crucial to pick up valuable points towards the overall.

Going into this race Greg found himself out of the leaders jersey for the first time all year since winning in Maribor.  Gee Atherton had 7 points on Greg and the monkey of the leaders jersey on his back to defend.   On Friday morning Greg tested the arm and it was stable enough.   After a few practice runs the guys went up for the qualifier.  It went very well for the Santa Cruz riders with Steve winning it, Greg in 4th to Gee Atherton’s 5th, Josh was in 8th and Cedric Gracia in 10th.  The points gained between Greg and Gee was only 3, so 4 points separated them, making it a dead heat going into Sunday’s race.

Race day practice went well and the boys left the pits to go to the top for the final World Cup of the season.  Greg was focused and his elbow wasn’t on his mind, only the thought to take the hotseat from Gee…. As the SRAM crew watched the event live on Freecaster from the pits, Steve strolled over to the ice chest, cracked a cold Bud and shared it with John Dawson then off he went.

The race was unfolding and Brendan Fairclough was in the hotseat.  Josh came down with a 12th place run which he was disappointed with after qualifying well, he just didn’t adapt well enough to the dry, changing track conditions.  Then Swiss rider, Nick Beer had a very fast run and bumped Brendan out of the hotseat.

, 2010 Windham World Cup #6 – Videos – Photos – Results

Josh Bryceland | credit: Kathy Sessler (click to view more photos in the gallery)

As expected, Gee Atherton came down and eclipsed the time of Beer by nearly 3 seconds to take the hotseat.  As he climbed up Greg was on course giving his all with the mental strength of the giant that he is.  He was down .68 at the split and was sure to gain a bit more time, but it just wasn’t enough and he crossed the line in 2nd, just .37 seconds back of Gee.  This placed him 2nd overall for the year in a tightly fought contest.

Fastest qualifier, Steve was on track exhibiting his regained form.  When the split time flashed green, 1.4 seconds ahead of Gee the crowd went insane!!  Just about to pop into sight, the crowd cheering him in, disaster struck and he went down hard, reminiscent of World Championships in Les Gets, France where he make a similar mistake.  The crowd was aghast as Steve picked up his bike and jumped back on.  Shaken but not broken, he crossed the line in 2:41.26 in 55th place.

Steve says, “It was great to be racing in American again.  Windham was an awesome venue.  Practice went will all week and I liked the track, my Carbon Santa Cruz V-10 was perfect all week with Ricky Bobby looking after it.  The track reminded me of old school Mt. Snow, Vermont from back in the day.  It was fast and flowing and hard to carry speed, but that was the key to a good run.  I was stoked to qualify fastest!  It’s been awhile since I did that.  I felt at home with the fast guys.  I was really confident for the finals, maybe a little too confident because I overcooked the step down coming into the finish and carcassed hard while leading at the split.   At least I know I have some of my speed back and I’m looking forward to World Championships!”

, 2010 Windham World Cup #6 – Videos – Photos – Results

Steve Peat | credit: Kathy Sessler (click to view more photos in the gallery)

Greg was pleased with his race run and effort and talked about the week, “The first day of practice I crashed out and injured my elbow, dislocating it.  I spent most the night at the hospital trying to get it x-rayed.  I had some treatment from US Cycling’s physical therapist, Bernard Condaveaux, before Friday’s practice.  It wasn’t too bad physically to ride, but just mentally to get over it.  The qualifier that day went well and being ahead of Gee was important.  I knew I’d have to step things up more for the final.  My final went as good as it could and all I was aiming for was the hotseat as I knew Gee would be in it when I came down.   Unfortunately I was .37 seconds slower than Gee which means I had to settle for 2nd best for the season.  It’s been a good season racing with Gee.  We battled all season and he beat me fair and square in the end.”

, 2010 Windham World Cup #6 – Videos – Photos – Results

Greg Minnaar | credit: Kathy Sessler (click to view more photos in the gallery)

We are on a plane now to Quebec for the World Championships where Steve and Greg will be battling for the win.  It will be a busy, exciting week and both are recovering from their crashes and should be just fine for Sunday’s grand event.


1ST:  Gee Atherton  2:28.28


3rd: Sam Blenkinsop 2:30.19

4th:  Aaron Gwin 2:30.88

5th:  Nick Beer 2:31.66

6th:  Marc Beaumont 2:31.71

7th: Steve Smith 2:31.76

8th:  Brook McDonald 2:33.29

9th Brendan Fairclough 2:33.49

10th: Justin Leov 2:33.57




1st:  Gee Atherton  1229


3RD: Sam Blenkinsop 864

4th:  Aaron Gwin 757

5th:  Marc Beaumont 633

6th:  Brendan Fairclough 606


8th: Danny Hart 482

9th: Fabien Pedemanaud 480

10th: Steve Smith 478


Mondraker Windham World Cup Report

A huge crash for Damien Spagnolo and a lucky escape from serious injury!

Damien started the weekend with the unlucky No.13 but hoped it would not be a curse. The world cup series returned to the USA after a long absence for the 2010 finals.  After a long a difficult journey Damien and Paul arrived in Windham and were very happy to see their beds. Wednesday was track walking and it seemed to be a good world cup course, however it was going to be fast and with the wet conditions, dangerous too! A few of the top riders fell prey to the track and were unable to take the start.

, 2010 Windham World Cup #6 – Videos – Photos – Results

Team Mondraker

For Damien, the training went well and he found a good constant speed throughout the track, he took “safe” lines and assured his run for the qualifying, with a 13th place finish he was happy and looking forward to letting the brakes go a little more for the final.

The track dried up after three days of bright blue skies and by Sunday the mud had turned to dust. Damien was feeling confident and he knew he had chosen good lines for his race run. He was hoping to have a solid run to ensure an overall place in the top 10.

The upper part of the run went well for Damien as he eased into his run, picking up the pace as he went down, he was feeling more and more confident with every turn and had a clear mindset. Unfortunately for him he landed a double slightly off line and slammed his chainguide on a rock, this sent him even more off line and he hit the massive road gap out of control, there was nothing he could do when he was in the air except hope for lucky landing! This is exactly what he did, missing all the rocks and trees he flew off track and went down in a ball of dust. He was able to get back on and finish his run but was way off the pace. Fortunately he did not suffer any serious injuries but has a swollen hand and hip.

, 2010 Windham World Cup #6 – Videos – Photos – Results

Team Mondraker

Despite of this Damien can proud to finish the season with a 19th place overall in world cup series, his best result to date. This combined with his excellent results in Maribor and Champery shows he is really riding well this season. With just 1 week before the world champs, Damien will concentrate on a quick recovery and give it his best shot!

The Worlds coming  ahead…

4 months Ago, a massive impact stops me in my preparation towards the racing season. All the winter hard work is down but my determination is intact… I stand up every morning looking at the new goal to be back for the worlds. I have done before and even if all the docs are saying that it is not possible, I simply keep pushing…

But they were unfortunately right. My fitness and strength are good but the solidity of the leg is not 100% yet. the vibration of riding DH could slightly bend the metal nail and offset my leg for the rest of my life.
I am fully dedicated to my sport, my passion but there is a point where you need to be reasonable and think ahead. Triing to ride one race is one thing but coming back to full recovery to be back stronger than before is my choice today.

I will have to be patient and wait for my body to reset and my mind to get clear of the 2010 season. I’ll be fliing out to Eurobike instead of Canada and I’ll be watching from fare the best worlds riders fliing down Mt St Anne track…
Best of luck to Damien and Aurélien both qualified with the French team… I am sure they will represent!

Chain Reaction Cycles / Intense Windham Report

The team has done it…. we won the World Cup overall no.1 Team title at the UCI world cup finals in Windham, USA!

It has been a hard season of ups and downs for individual riders on the team but everyone has performed really well throughout the season and as a team we have been really consistent which gave us enough points to take the top spot in the team rankings. We are all delighted, It was goal for the team this season to finish top 3 and to actually win the title is amazing. We hope it is good news for all our great sponsors that have supported us this year and over the last 3 years since the team started.

The final round of the World Cup in Windham was amazing – on a shorter, less steep track that we have had in Europe but with some really technical sections and the high speeds made it a close race for the Finals.

, 2010 Windham World Cup #6 – Videos – Photos – Results

(click to enlarge)

Claire had a big crash on the first day of practice and was not looking great to be able to race but she toughed it and and incredibly managed her sixth 7th place finish and 7th overall in the Womens series. With the other top 10 girls swapping places week in week out, Claire remained super consistent on all the different race tracks and proved she is definitely one of the top women racers in the world. Well done Claire from all of us on the team.

The worst news of the weekend for us was Matti Lehikoinen who had been having a fantastic season laying in 8th place in the world cup standings. With the last few seasons of bad injuries and recovery time Matti just wanted to put a full season together injury free to build his confidence for the World Championships next week. However Matti being the fierce competitor that he is was pushing hard in practice and went down huge on the fastest part of the track when his front wheel just skipped over the top of a rut.
Matti plowed his left shoulder right into the ground and the impact was just too big. It looks like Matti has snapped some ligaments in his shoulder and unfortunately was unable to race the finals and it is lucking unlikely he will be able to compete in next weeks World Championships in Canada. This is a huge blow for Matti and he is really devastated to get injured again so we wish him the best of luck and a quick recovery. Matti still ended up 13th overall in the mens world cup standings even after missing this last round. We would like to thank Matti for his awesome results this season and it has been great having him on the team this year!

Ruaridh didn’t get the result he was looking for. After his 10th place in Champery and a top 40 in Val Di Sole with a mechanical he was looking for a least a top 15 – 20 result this weekend. The nerves got to Ruaridh a little in the morning and then he just tried too hard in the finals and made some big mistakes on the track which you just couldn’t do here and he was disappointed with his 47th place finish. Still not a bad result by any means but at the level Ruaridh is riding at he is capable of much better. He still finished the season ranked 36th in the World Cup which is fantastic. Hopefully he can take this into next week where he has earned a place on the super hard to qualify UK world championships team. We are all going to be behind you next week Ruaridh.

Chris Kovarik was looking strong this weekend and was hoping for a good top ten finnish but some mistakes on the first half of the track in his final run cost him this. Chris put in a super fast 2nd half making it back to finnish 20th for the day but it was not what he was looking for or capable of. Chris is hoping to turn it around next week at the World Championships on a course where he has won 2 World Cups in the past. Chris 20th position here at the finals gave us some great points though to achieve our team overall win so thanks mate and good luck next week.

Matt Simmonds has been a star this season and he didn’t disappoint again here at the finals finishing a fantastic 17th position. At the start of the season Matt told me his goal was top 20 overall and he has worked so hard to achieve this. Matt didn’t just finnish in the top 20 he made it into the top 15 overall in 15th place which is amazing in the super close and competitive mens class. Well done Matt you totally deserve your overall result we are all really proud of you.

, 2010 Windham World Cup #6 – Videos – Photos – Results

(click to enlarge)

Julien Camellini has not had the season he was hoping for by his standards. He finished a solid 16th place for the finals and along with his 7th place finnish at the Fort William round of the world cup he definitely has the speed. But with some big crashes at the races this season and last year out with injury, Julien is still getting back up to his full potential he showed in 2008 when he was 2nd in Maribor and finished top 10 overall! Julien is racing for France next week at the World Championships and we wish him the best of luck.

So on the whole it has been an amazing season, thanks to all our great riders –  Claire Buchar, Julien Camellini, Ruaridh Cunningham, Chris Kovarik, Matti Lehikoinen and Matt Simmonds for winning the No.1 team prize and your individual results.

Thanks also goes to our mechanics Dave, Paul and Carl for keeping the bikes in top working order and a huge thank you to all our sponsors for the great products and support. I hope us winning the Team title has made it worth while for you all.

Also thanks to our videographers and photographers at MTBCUT.tv for our great podcasts and images.

UCI World Cup Team Standings

2. SCOTT 11 411

UCI WOMENS Individual Standings

1. Sabrina JONNIER 1130 points
2. Emmeline RAGOT 1045
3. Tracey MOSELEY   909
4. Floriane PUGIN      906
5. Myriam NICOLE   810
6. Rachel ATHERTON   685
7. Claire BUCHAR 556
8. Mio SUEMASA   536
9. Céline GROS   469
10. Petra BERNHARD   411

UCI MENS Individual Standings

1. Gee ATHERTON  1229 points
2. Greg MINNAAR 1185
3. Sam BLENKINSOP   864
4. Aaron GWIN    757
5. Marc BEAUMONT    633
6. Brendan FAIRCLOUGH   606
7. Steve PEAT   491
8. Danny HART     482
9. Fabien PEDEMANAUD   480
10. Steve SMITH   478
13. Matti LEHIKOINEN 415
15. Matt SIMMONDS 379
27. Julien CAMELLINI 303
28. Chris KOVARIK 301
36. Ruaridh CUNNINGHAM 245

On behalf of the whole team we would like to congratulate Gee Atherton on taking the mens overall and Greg Minnaar on 2nd place. These 2 riders have swapped 1st and 2nd places at nearly every world cup this season and have made it super exciting for everyone. The finals were unbelievable, with only 3 points between them they both kept their heads and raced into 1st and 2nd place with only 0.37 seconds between them – Amazing guys…..

Team Maxxis – Rocky Mountain Windham Report

The 2009 downhill World Cup was dominated by Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain’s Sabrina Jonnier, who took six of eight World Cup victories on her way to the 2009 World Cup Overall title. This year’s return of the UK’s Rachel Atherton and increased competition from fellow French riders Myriam Nicole, Florian Pugin, and Emmeline Ragot, made for much tighter competition in 2010 and taking the overall title would prove to be much more challenging.

, 2010 Windham World Cup #6 – Videos – Photos – Results

Sabrina Jonnier (click to enlarge)

Jonnier, who won the Maribor and Fort William rounds of this year’s World Cup, headed into Windham with a comfortable lead in the overall series. She was virtually assured of winning the title, but she still could not focus completely on the race. Jonnier finished a disappointing 8th, but still managed to take the 2010 World Cup Overall Title.

Jonnier commented, “I couldn’t get my head into racing this week,” explained Jonnier. “I don’t know what it was, but I was making a lot of mistakes all week and not riding good. I’m just happy to have this finished so that I can concentrate on the world championships.”

Jonnier wins fifth Downhill World Cup title at Windham, New York

Sabrina Jonnier is superstitious. In a career spanning ten years at the top of the sport she has won four Downhill World Cup titles, but she has never managed to defend any of them. That all changed at the weekend when she rode her Rocky Mountain Flatline WC into a comfortable top-ten finish to secure the 2010 World Cup title.
The final World Cup race of the 2010 series, held in Windham, New York, was won by Rachel Atherton, of Great Britain, in a time of 2:49.85 with Tracy Moseley, also of Great Britain, second and Emmeline Ragot, of France, third. Jonnier sealed her title win with a time of 3:01.24.

, 2010 Windham World Cup #6 – Videos – Photos – Results

Women podium (click to enlarge)

World’s Best: Maxxis-Rocky Mountain rider Sabrina Jonnier, of Hyères, France, stands atop the podium for the 2010 Women’s Downhill World Cup. Flanking her are second-placed Emmeline Raqot (second from left), third-placed Tracy Moseley (second from right), fourth-placed Floriane Pugin (left) and fifth-placed Myriam Nicole. Credit: Adventure Media Group/Sébastien Boué

“I am very happy to win the title, but I am a bit disappointed with today’s race – it was probably the worst result in my life,” she laughs. “I wasn’t feeling good on the bike all week – I had no feeling for the track and couldn’t get speed. It’s a very short, small track and it just did not suit me well. Yesterday, in the practice I felt I was getting faster and I was having some fun on the bike, but today I was struggling again. I guess I didn’t have my head on properly.”

Jonnier admitted that she was half expecting something bad to happen to her in today’s race and attributes that to her “riding like a grandma”. “I always win the World Cup every two years and I won last year so today being leader had me worried that something was going to go wrong. It was too weird to be leading the World Cup again. I am too superstitious perhaps,” she jokes.

Leading up to the World Cup Jonnier’s training has been going very well, but the small and short Windham track did not play to her strengths and she admitted she was thinking more about not losing the title than winning the race. “I knew I couldn’t make a big mistake and so I was riding carefully – I was not thinking about winning the race itself. I was just hoping not to have any problems.”

Jonnier offered praise for her arch-rival Rachel Atherton’s return to racing after her injury, which she sustained at the Leogang World Cup race. “Rachel did awesome today – she had nothing to lose and she looked to be having a really good time on her bike. It’s good to have her back racing and already strong and fast after her injury,” Jonnier shares.

Jonnier was left to fly the DH flag for the team alone at Windham with her Maxxis-Rocky Mountain teammate Cameron Cole sidelined with a broken wrist. “I feel alone in the team this week with Cam not being there. I really like to have him as my teammate and I miss him a lot,” Jonnier offers.

The final round of the UCI World Cup series is closely followed by the UCI World Championships and this weighs on many riders’ minds. In Jonnier’s case this has been occupying a place in her mind for the past 12 months. “I have been thinking about the World Championships for a year now and I don’t think I was focusing enough on the World Cup this week. My head is already in next week. I knew that was wrong, but it is hard to control it mentally sometimes.”

Her eighth at Windham, while enough to deliver her the 2010 World Cup title, is not ideal a week out from the Worlds, but Jonnier is confident – she has won two World Championships before and knows what needs to be done. “This week I just want to have fun on my bike and go fast. I can’t wait to finally be myself on the bike again,” she explains with a smile. “Mont-Sainte-Anne is fast and quite long – it’s a really good track and it suits stronger riders. I spent some time at Morzine a few weeks ago and I was riding really well there so I know I can do it – I just need to get my head on for it.”

Jonnier headed directly for Mont-Sainte-Anne after accepting the 2010 Downhill World Cup title at Windham, New York on Sunday to begin her 2010 World Championship campaign.

Trek World Racing Takes 4 Podium Places Including One Title At World Cup Finals


Trek World Racing secured 4 podium places including one World Cup Championship trophy in the final rounds of the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill and Cross Country World Cups taking place in Windham, NY (USA) this weekend.

In the Cross Country World Cup, Mathias Flueckiger (SUI) received official recognition as the World Cup Champion in the Men’s Under 23 Category having unofficially secured the win at the penultimate race in Val di Sole, Italy. Despite having an unusually disappointing race here at Windham finishing 18th overall, Mathias still finished 1st in the U23 category thus making it a clean sweep of all 6 rounds and demonstrating the outstanding ability of this young Swiss rider. The official World Cup trophy represents a huge achievement and is the first in his collection. Mathias now focuses on battling it out for the top spot on the podium in the U23 Category at the World Championships in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada, next week.

Older brother Lukas Flueckieger (SUI) scored his first World Cup podium of the year after an outstanding last race here in Windham. Riding his brand new Swiss-liveried light weight Top Fuel, he fought hard from the start, giving everything he had, to move from his start position of 13 to join the leader pack on lap 4 of 6. He battled it out with Nino Schurter (SUI), Florian Vogel (SUI), Christoph Sauser (SUI) and eventual race winner Jaroslav Kulhavy (CZE) as they entered the last lap, but the climbing on lap 6 got the better of him. Holding off a late charge by multiple World Cup champion Julian Absalon (FRA) Luk hung on to take the 5th place on the podium to make it a memorable weekend for the two Swiss brothers.

In the finals of the Downhill World Cup on Sunday, Tracy Moseley (GBR) once again performed brilliantly to finish 2nd on the podium in the Women’s Final race. After a super fast run in qualifying which saw Tracy finish fastest by more than 5 seconds, she was disappointed not to secure 1st place this weekend but her sights are now firmly set on the World Championship title in Canada next week. In the finals of the Men’s Downhill race, New Zealand’s Justin Leov continued his good form taking 10th place in the final after a his successful podium wins at Crankworx earlier this month.

Unfortunately, teammate Andrew Neethling (RSA) had a frustrating race after a flat tire hindered what started as a spectacular run that had could have seen another potential podium place. In 2nd place at the 2nd split Andrew suffered a rear puncture in the final sector of the race.

Finally, in the Cross Country’s Women Elite race, it was a disappointing end to the season for Canadian rider, Emily Batty. Recovering from an unexpected virus which hit a couple of days earlier, Emily had to sit the race out and is now focused on preparing for next week?s World Championship race in Canada.

On Monday the full team including Neko Mulally travel to Mont-Sainte-Anne in Quebec for the prestigious UCI Mountain Bike World Championships taking place from September 1st to 5th.

Mathias said: “It’s fantastic to win the Overall but the race today was not good for me. I could not fight and from the first lap to the last it was really hard. It wasn’t a good day today but I’m really happy with my World Cup season and look forward to the World Championships next week”. Lukas said: “After my training camp in St Moritz I felt very comfortable. My new Top Fuel is amazing ? I rode it yesterday and felt very motivated for the race today. It was really hard to stick with the lead group and I worked hard the whole race but wasn’t fresh enough for the finish and dropped a few places. I’m really happy to be on the podium though, especially with the World Championships in Canada next week on a track that suits me much more”.

Tracy said: “It’s a tough one. After qualifying first obviously I wanted to win and felt like I was riding good enough. My run was pretty good and I knew I had to push hard because it’s a short track and any little mistakes were going to be costly. I had a bit of a bobble out the start and hit the gate before I’d really gone which was frustrating and in about 3 more spots I can probably pick out the bits I didn’t get perfect like in the training run so I can account for the time I lost. I take a lot of confidence from this weekend though ? it’s the best World Cup of the year for me and a lot of people have commented on how well I was riding in practice and Mont-Saint-Anne suits me and that’s the goal for the year ? the one thing I’ve never won”.

, 2010 Windham World Cup #6 – Videos – Photos – Results

Tracy Moseley

Justin said: “I’m pretty happy with the day. I finished 10th which is good ? it’s a short track compared to Mont-Sainte-Anne and my splits got faster and faster so combined with a bit more length at Mont-Sainte-Anne it should work well for me. I’m looking forward to it and aim for a place on the podium.” Andrew said: “I had an average qualifier, and didn’t get up to pace early enough but had really good practice yesterday. Coming in I knew it was a good track. I’d lost some confidence in Whistler but I got over that and I think I was putting a really good run together and was good to take the hot-seat over but then I flatted ? I don’t know what I hit and I haven’t flatted all year. It kind of sums up my luck on the World Cup series ? I haven’t been able to put an overall series of points together. Next week’s not a World Cup so it should be good!”

American Aaron Gwin fourth overall in Downhill World Cup standings

Windham, NY (August 29, 2010) – The 2010 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is officially in the books as racing wrapped up on Windham Mountain in New York’s Catskills on Sunday with the men’s and women’s downhill contests.

Reigning U.S. national champ Aaron Gwin (Morongo Valley, Calif./Yeti-Fox Shox) earned  a spot on the overall World Cup podium in only his second year racing the World Cup circuit. His fourth place finish in Sunday’s final earned him fourth place overall in the final World Cup standings.

“It was a big goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year,” he explained of his overall ranking before looking on to the World Championships next week. “World champs is kind of a unique race. No one really cares about anything but first. That’s what everyone is aiming for so I’ll do the same and see what happens.”

Finishing first on the day and in the final standings was British rider Gee Atherton while Greg Minnaar (RSA) was second and New Zealand rider Samuel Blenkinsop was third.

In the women’s event, British strong woman Rachel Atherton descended the mountain with a time of 2:49 to take the victory ahead of reigning world champ Tracy Moseley (GBR) and bronze medalist Emmeline Ragot (FRA). After recently deciding to switch her focus to downhill racing, 2008 BMX Olympian Jill Kintner (Seattle, Wash./Transition Racing) was the fastest American woman of the day, posting a time of 3:26.10 to grab 16th place. The only other American in the women’s finals, Lauren Daney (Stafford, Va.), made the 17th-place effort.  Frenchwoman Sabrina Jonnier claimed the overall World Cup title.

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