2011 Specialized Demo 8

6/28/2010 : sicklines

, 2011 Specialized Demo 8

2011 Specialized Demo 8

Specialized has released some details to us on their new 2011 Demo 8. They’ve reworked it by not only reshaping the Demo, but also cut a good amount weight from the frame, tweaked the suspension, and adjusted the geometry. Check inside for full details.


“For pros like Sam Hill, Brendan Fairclough, or any aspiring  DH racer, the mountain is at its best when every trail points straight down. These fearless riders rip down the toughest terrain on earth in the most aggressive way imaginable, so they won’t settle for anything but the fastest, most bomb-proof, and technologically sound (and dare we say sexiest?) DH bike.”


  • “Race-proven, World Cup-winning geometry with suspension linkage built specifically for DH courses”
  • “Lower center of gravity and an even more stable ride thanks to new frame with lower-slung rear triangle and top tube”
  • “Increased maneuverability – lighter weight frames and components package make it easy to maneuver over obstacles”
  • “Quick handling thanks to shortest chainstays of any DH bike”
, 2011 Specialized Demo 8

2011 Specialized Demo 8



WHAT:  “All-new M5 alloy frame with 12 x 150mm rear end, fewer sharp edges/corners, an a sleeker finish.”

WHY:  “The sleeker and new design helps to minimize mud and debris build-up. This helps to keep the weight low even in adverse condition while giving the rider advantages to slip through tight spaces unfettered.”

HOW:  “Responding to input from Sam, Brendan and the Monster Energy mechanics, we softened corners that collected debris and made the frame sleeker to limit any narrow spaces that might collect mud.”


WHAT:  “Our proprietary FSR suspension, specially tuned for the rigors of DH racing with an all-new sub-seatstay.”

WHY:  “Lightens the already svelte Demo by making the rear end more compact and sleek, while lowering the center of gravity. This makes the bike handle even better than before without sacrificing our legendary FSR suspension performance.”

HOW:  “The sub-seatstay allows us to drive the shock off the chainstays, as opposed to the seatstay, which effectively lowers the center of gravity.”


“Working closely with the Monster Energy team and various manufacturers allows us to dial the spec to work in perfect concert with the Demo platform. Specialized is well known for tweaking their part specifications to suit the application.  They test components at every stage of development and make adjustments to elicit customized performance from the wheels, crankset, brakes, etc.”


  • Low BB height for low center of gravity and best handling in rough and fast terrain
  • Short chainstays for tight handling and best maneuverability
  • New rear-end layout is more compact to keep shock and center of gravity low
  • Shock size = 9.5 x 3
  • 150 x 12mm is strong, stiff, and compatible with most aftermarket DH hubs
  • Press-fit 30 BB – accommodates OSBB, BB30, PF30 and threaded cups – come with these adapters to fit current threaded bottom brackets as well
  • Low standover heights for an overall low center of gravity and better clearance
  • ISCG ’05 chainguide tabs
  • 1.5 headtube

Adjustable geometry:

You can also change the geo on the stock bike, but the HT angle and BB height will change together. It achieves this through the eccentric shock mount.  Geo numbers are as follows.

  • 13.5″/13.9″ bottom bracket
  • 64/64.5 degree headtube
  • 422mm (16.6 in) chainstay length
  • sizes: S, M, L are the same as last year. For 2011 there will also be a Troy Brosnan sized XS. Seat tube heights get a little lower on all sizes too.


  • Frame is a claimed 3/4lb lighter than last year

Be sure to check out the rest of the 2011 Specialized MTB lineup in the gallery.  We’ll post up more details as we get them.

[2011 Specialized Mountain Line] [Specialized Website]

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