Spotlight: 2010 Mavic CrossMax SX

3/24/2010 : sicklines

, Spotlight: 2010 Mavic CrossMax SX

The CrossMax SX from Mavic is their top of the line Enduro category wheelset. This wheelset is great for All-Mountain, Trail, and Park type bikes. The CrossMax SX sports Mavic’s top of the line features giving it strength, light weight, durability, and fast engagement. The features are explained inside.


, Spotlight: 2010 Mavic CrossMax SX

(click to enlarge)

  • CD Light Process – The rims of the CrossMax SX feature a shot-peened and gray anodized finish. The shot-peening is done in order to create a  micro surface hardness of the rim. The process helps increase the durability of the rim over time from external forces applied to the rim.
  • Fore Drilling – The rims are drilled in such a way that only the inner wall is penetrated. This works well for tubeless mounting because it allows for a smooth rim bed with no imperfections. The Fore drilling method makes the rim 4 times more resistant to fatigue stress as well as increases rim rigidity by 20%.

, Spotlight: 2010 Mavic CrossMax SX

Fore Drilling

  • Increased Internal Width: The internal rim width is increased for 2010 to 21 mm. This sets up a nice tire profile for aggressive riding.
  • Tubeless: The wheelset can be easily set up for tubeless (UST valves included with the wheelet) or traditional tubes.
  • Advanced Materials and Construction: The rims are made out of Mavic’s exclusive Maxtal aluminum alloy. It is an alloy that is used to create a lighter and stronger rim. The rim is constructed using Mavic’s SUP process. The rim is welded and milled at the joint to create a extremely strong bond. The construction technique also helps in making sure the rims are created with more precise overall balance.
  • Rim Weight Reduction:  The CrossMax SX rims feature ISM which stands for Inter Spoke Milling. Each rim has the space between each spoke hole milled out to  reduce weight while retaining the same rigidity. This allows the rim to have much less inertia for easier acceleration and braking.
, Spotlight: 2010 Mavic CrossMax SX

ISM - notice the removal of material on the rim between each spoke placement (click to enlarge)


, Spotlight: 2010 Mavic CrossMax SX

Zicral Spoke

  • Count: 24 front and rear
  • Lacing: Front crossed 2, rear crossed 2 non-drive side, crossed 1 drive side
  • Zicral Material – A highly resistant and lightweight aluminum alloy for spokes
  • Nipples: integrated M7 aluminum with brake rings
  • Shape: straight pull, round


  • Front axle size: 20×110 mm only
, Spotlight: 2010 Mavic CrossMax SX

front wheel (click to enlarge)

  • Rear axle size: QR (comes from the factory with QR adapters in place). Pulling out the QR end plugs converts it to a 12mm x 135mm thru axle.  An optional 10x135mm bolt-in axle can be purchased as well giving this wheelset some great adjustability.
, Spotlight: 2010 Mavic CrossMax SX

rear wheel (click to enlarge)

  • Instant Transfer System 4 – This system was designed for faster engagement using 4 pawls, working 2 by 2, giving the wheelset 48 points of engagement.
, Spotlight: 2010 Mavic CrossMax SX

ITS4 engagement

  • QRM+ Cartridge Bearings – These cartridge bearings are double sealed with C3 internal clearance and topped with a micro-adjustability system. This system allows you to quickly adjust your wheels according to the feel and performance you’re after. The wheels can be set up tighter for to keep out the elements and add more precision or ran more loose for the least amount of drag.
, Spotlight: 2010 Mavic CrossMax SX

Mavic QRM+ bearings

  • Disc brake options: International standard or Center-Lock models

In The box

  • 9.5 mm reducers (rear wheel)
  • Bearing adjustment tool (rear wheel)
  • BX601 rear quick release
  • Spoke wrench (rear wheel)
  • User guide and warranty card
  • UST valve and accessories

MP3 Crash Replacement

You can purchase the MP3 ‘crash replacement’ program for your Mavic product so that it is covered for any involuntary accident for 2 years. For more information check – http://www.mp3-mavic.com/


  • $899.90


  • 20mm Front Wheel – 834.5g
  • 12x135mm Rear Wheel – 931.6g

[Mavic CrossMax SX Gallery] [Mavic Website]


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