Spotlight: Frame Wrap

12/6/2008 : sicklines
, Spotlight: Frame Wrap

Frame Wrap

Sometimes it’s the little things that count.  Frame Wrap wraps around frames / chainstays and adheres to itself so theres no need for zipties or slippery tubes.  See more about it inside.

Frame Wrap is a rubber cush tape that is formulated to adhere to itself without leaving any sticky residue on your frame.  It works as advertised and we’ve been using it on a few of our builds lately in certain areas.  On our M6 its very nice as you can wrap the vertical strut easily with the tape to avoid any chain rub.  No zip ties are needed at all so it looks quite clean once installed.  

, Spotlight: Frame Wrap

wrapped M6 frame strut (click to enlarge)

It is more expensive than using an old tube but it holds its shape perfectly without the need for any zip ties or electrical tape.  Because it sticks to itself and is flexible you can get a nice tight chainwrap. It’s easy to wrap any chainstay and looks like it was molded specifically for the bike without zipties or cutting up an old tube. 

The Frame Wrap is quick and easy to apply and comes in two size rolls similar to a roll of tape (5 feet or 15 feet).  It adheres to itself but doesn’t stick to the frame so when its time to replace or remove the wrap it cuts off without any trace.  It cuts with a pair of scissors and requires no additional tools to install.

, Spotlight: Frame Wrap

(click to enlarge)

The wrap is quite flexible and plyable so it’s easy to wrap it around odd shapes should you need to.  Once it is overalaped onto itself, it essentially forms one piece.  Should it get worn out in any one place you can easily add a little strip to it as it will bond together.  When you feel its ready to replace or take off there is no residue left, you just cut it off.  It’s a nice clean system.


  • $10 for 5 feet
  • $20 for 5ft roll + 15 ft roll

You can purchase frame wrap at RideSfo or directly from Frame Wrap’s website.

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