BOS Engineering: Stoy & Idylle

3/3/2008 : sicklines

, BOS Engineering: Stoy & Idylle

, BOS Engineering: Stoy & Idylle

BOS Engineering has come in swinging to the high-end consumer market with a downhill shock and a downhill fork. Rough translation inside. Available soon. English page is also now available here with details.

S** Toy (Stoy) Rear Shock

, BOS Engineering: Stoy & Idylle
BOS Stoy (Sex Toy) Rear Shock

Successor of the DH07, Stoy is the new damper BOS descent. Even more successful than its predecessor, it is changing especially in the design. It will be using a new head piggy-back, and a shorter tank. The entire block compression adjuster is also completely new. Finally, Stoy receives mounting rings bearing needles, a luxury previously reserved only for shock absorbers “factory” for Nicolas Vouilloz. Advantages of the system: a game reduced to nothing, and a very long lifetime compared to the du-bushing usually used.

, BOS Engineering: Stoy & Idylle
BOS Stoy (Sex Toy) Rear Shock
Like all BOS dampers, Stoy is fully adjustable and rebuildable.

Available for most bikes down the market, in the usual standard lengths, it may also be delivered in extras and race one-off sizes upon request.
BOS also uses springs in 25lb increments to also aid in dialing in the perfect spring.


  • Shocks single hydraulic valve type 3 lanes
  • Settings; compression slow / fast compression / rebound
  • Completely rebuildable
  • Setting main “tailor-made”
  • Aluminium Head, housing guide, cylinder, and preload nut foot aluminum
  • Shaft Ø 12 mm
  • Optional mounting kit needle roller

Idylle Front Fork

  • Independent Hi/Low compression, and rebound
  • 6061 crowns
  • Magnesium lowers
  • Similar parts used with the Stoy
  • 36mm stanchions
  • 200mm travel
  • Postmount brake tabls
  • 20mm axle

, BOS Engineering: Stoy & Idylle
BOS Idylle Pro Fork

, BOS Engineering: Stoy & Idylle
BOS Idylle Pro Fork

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