FSA Orbit Xtreme Pro 1.5 Headset

1/14/2008 : sicklines
, FSA Orbit Xtreme Pro 1.5 Headset

Full Speed Ahead’s top of the line 1.5″ headset is the Orbit Xtreme Pro 1.5. The headset is quite burly and offers a great base for supporting any 1.5″ fork. If you’ve got a 1.5″ headtube check out the details inside on this 1.5″ headset.

The FSA Orbit Xtreme Pro uses some nice industrial bearings in its design. In addition to using a compression sleeve to make sure the headset stays snug, the headset uses some nice quality bearings that are not only sealed but can be replaced should they ever need replacing.

, FSA Orbit Xtreme Pro 1.5 Headset

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The Orbit Xtreme uses Forged CNC’d 7075/T6 cups that have a 21mm insertion to make sure it stays put. It uses a stainless steel crown crace as well.

Weight on the headset including all the pieces is light for a 1.5″ headset at only 218g.

, FSA Orbit Xtreme Pro 1.5 Headset

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The lower stack height is 13.4mm and the upper stack height measured a hair under 17mm. The cups have 20mm insertion into the frame.

If you’re looking for a solid 1.5″ headset, the FSA 1.5 Orbit Xtreme Pro is a great option and packs a lot of features to keep you rolling smooth day in and out. You can purchase this headset from just about any shop and many places online.

[FSA Gravity Website]

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