Hope 1.5 Step Down Headset

11/14/2007 : sicklines
, Hope 1.5 Step Down Headset

Hope has a lot of parts that they make and one that you might not know about is their 1.5″ Step Down Headset. It allows you to run a 1 1/8″ steerer tube fork in a frame with a 1.5″ headtube. Check out the details inside on this lightweight low stack reducing headset.

Hope’s 1.5″ Step Down was a piece that I hadn’t seen much information on and wanted to check out what it had to offer. The headset is very lightweight and reduces a 1.5″ headtube to accept a 1 1/8″ steerer. This headset offers one of the lowest stack heights for a 1.5″ headset that I’m aware of. With everyone trying to get their bike lower in front, using a setup like the Hope 1.5″ Step Down headset can greatly reduce your stack height.

, Hope 1.5 Step Down Headset

(click to enlarge)

All of the pieces for the headset are included so you don’t have to source bearings or anything else. The bearings are easy to replace and the headset is pretty typical in setup except for their Head Doctor system. The Head Doctor system replaces the star nut system with an expansion plug you put in the fork steerer. The system weighs 31g.

, Hope 1.5 Step Down Headset

Head Doctor detail (click to enlarge)

  • 140g including all hardware
  • Low Cup Stack height 2.3mm (e.13 is 3mm)
  • Full stainless steel bearings (replaceable)
  • Split crown race
  • Common parts throughout the range
  • All parts available as spares and fully rebuildable
  • 6 color choices
  • Steel Head Doctor bolt on the 1.5″ Step Down

The headset bearings slip easily in and out of the cups but so far they’ve not proven to cause any issues. A press fit for the bearings would be welcomed. The system is real easy to set up. If you have a fork with a star-nut you can still use that system and not use their Head Doctor setup.

, Hope 1.5 Step Down Headset

headset assembly detail (click to enlarge)

The Step Down headset cups press into the headset area, then you slip in the rest of the pieces. The Step Down cup measured 12.55mm (10.25mm insertion into the frame). It offers a really low stack height to keep your bars down low if you desire. If you’re interested in getting one of these any good shop should be able to get them from Hope for you. Hit up Chad at RedBarnBikes for a great deal.

[Hope Technology Website]

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