Shimano XT Wheelset WH-M776

11/5/2007 : sicklines
, Shimano XT Wheelset WH-M776

For Shimano’s 25th anniversary, they’ve created a new XT UST wheelset that is significantly upgraded from last year. The WH-M776 wheelset is aimed at the All-Mountain folk that want a strong wheelset that can take a little bit of abuse. This wheelset is a disc 20mm front wheel and a 135mm QR disc rear wheel but it is also available in a more convetional quick release front and rear as well as a v-brake version. See inside to learn more.

The 2008 XT hubs received an overhaul similar to Shimano XTR’s hub from last year. They have been upgraded to give this XT hub more engagement (36 pt or every 10 degrees).

  • 24 balanced spoke pattern front and rear wheels for increased lateral stiffness
, Shimano XT Wheelset WH-M776

WH-M776 front wheel (click to enlarge)

, Shimano XT Wheelset WH-M776

WH-M776 rear wheel (click to enlarge)

  • 20mm Thru-axle front hub
, Shimano XT Wheelset WH-M776

20mm front hub detail (click to enlarge)

, Shimano XT Wheelset WH-M776

20mm front hub detail (click to enlarge)

  • Ultra thin wall extrusion reinforced at spoke hole
  • 14g spokes are mated to alloy nipples
, Shimano XT Wheelset WH-M776

rim, spoke, and nipple detail (click to enlarge)

  • Center Lock rotor mounts to the hub quickly and effectively
, Shimano XT Wheelset WH-M776

Center Lock rotor detail (click to enlarge)

  • Straight and 2-cross spoke lace for increased torsional rigidity and spoke life
  • UST tubeless compatible rim with 21mm inside width
  • Front wheel weighted in at 982g
  • Rear wheel weighed in at 1087g
  • $599 MSRP
, Shimano XT Wheelset WH-M776

Shimano XT WH-M776 wheelset (click to enlarge)

The Shimano wheelset still works with loose ball bearings (36 front, 20 rear). This wheelset is disc only and uses Shimano Center Lock rotors (or use standard 6 bolt rotors if you purchase an adapter). It would be nice if shimano offered an option/upgrade to allow for 10mm thru-bolt rear axle as well. This wheelset comes in at a very good weight and is tubeless ready to save you even more weight. Look to see these wheels on a build in the future as they’re a good set of hoops that pack a lot of features.

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