Thomson Elite X4 Stems

10/29/2007 : sicklines

Thomson is a name synonymous with quality. If you’re looking for a well machined bike part, Thomson won’t let you down. Located in Macon, GA ,Thomson has been involved in CNC & Aerospace Machining and assembly for over 30 years.

The Thomson Elite X4 Series stems are built strong while still maintaining a product that is lightweight. The goal that Thomson set for themselves with the X4 line was to create a lighter and stronger stem than their Elite 25.4 series stems which is no easy feat. Whether you have a 1.5″ or 1.125″ steerer, 31.8″ or 25.4″ bars, or if you’re a downhiller/freerider/all-mountain, you can run a Thomson stem with confidence.

Inside we take a look at two Thomson Elite X4 stems, the 1.5″ Elite X4 45mm stem and the 1.125″ Elite X4 50mm stem.

, Thomson Elite X4 Stems

The two stems we’ve got outlined to show you are:

  • Thomson Elite X4 1 1/8″ x 0° x 50mm x 31.8mm (available in black/silver)
  • Thomson Elite X4 1.5″ x 0° x 45mm x 31.8mm (available in black only)

The Elite X4 series stems have a stack height of 40mm which sets the bars nice and low. The machining on these stems is absolutely gorgeous and are engineered to work well with carbon bars as well. The edges are smooth and all of the lines are smooth. The Thomson stems are built to last and they keep it simple with colors. You can pick only black or silver on most all of their parts.

The Thomson stems are machined out of 7000 Series Aluminum and the bolts are heat treated for added strength and have a corrosion prevention plating.

, Thomson Elite X4 Stems

All of the torque ratings are cleanly etched into the stem and doesn’t detract from its beauty. Two small holes on each side are designed to ensure the threads are fully anodized. (click to enlarge)

, Thomson Elite X4 Stems

Machined out to save weight while maintaining stiffness. (click to enlarge)

, Thomson Elite X4 Stems

The X4 stems incorporate a new steerer clamp design that shaves 20 grams, featuring a knee-friendly clamp and no welds to break. (click to enlarge)

, Thomson Elite X4 Stems

Four bolt face plates to distribute the load and maximize stiffness. (click to enlarge)

, Thomson Elite X4 Stems

Clean edges all around. (click to enlarge)


  • Thomson Elite X4 1-1/8 x 0° x 50 x 31.8 – 178g
  • Thomson Elite X4 1.5″ x 0° x 45 x 31.8 – 183g


  • Both of these fine stems have an MSRP of $89.98

For those looking for a nice 1.5″ stem or if you’re just looking for a stem that is clean, lightweight, and machined well, you can’t pass up the Thomson stem as a viable option. Thomson stands by their products, and should you ever have an issue, they’re always right there to help. Look to see these stems on some more upcoming builds.

Be sure to check the gallery link below for more pictures. You can purchase these stems at any good bike shop. Hit up Chad @ RedBarnBikes for a great deal on one of these fine stems.

[Thomson Elite X4 Stem Gallery] [Thomson Website]


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