, 2008 FOX 36 Float R

We’ve got a hold of a 2008 FOX 36 Float R and there are some big changes from 2007.  See inside for more inside to entice you just a little bit.

, 2008 FOX 36 Float R

For 2008, FOX Racing Shox has refined a good bit of their lineup. The 36 received a good bit of upgrades so we decided to check it out to get some more information your way.

This fork preview comes at a timely time, as the FOX Float 36 is Mark Weir’s choice of forks for Downieville 17mile downhill race which is this weekend.

, 2008 FOX 36 Float R
2008 FOX 36 Float R

The key features to the 2008 to the 36 Float R are:

  • 6.3″(160mm) of travel
  • Stiff, Tool Free 20mm Axle
, 2008 FOX 36 Float R
Tool Free 20mm Axle
  • Improved lowers and crown
  • Integrated cable guide
, 2008 FOX 36 Float R
FOX 36 Float R Cable Guide
  • Post mount disc brake tabs
, 2008 FOX 36 Float R
FOX 36 gets 6″ post mount disc tabs for 2008
  • Air spring pressure adjustment
  • Rebound adjustment
  • FIT damper (FOX Isolated Dampener separates air / oil)
  • Bottom-out resistance(internal adjustment)

So far the 36 Float R has been a great fork, look for a full review later as we get some more time on it. If you’re looking to get one of these forks, you can purchase it from Jenson if you’re looking to order online.

All that in a very lightweight package. The FOX 36 Float R weighed in at a scant 4.86lb / 2205g with a full steerer tube. The Float R doesn’t feature the High/Low speed compression settings that the RC2 boasts.

Read more about the FOX 36 Float R at FoxRacingShox.com

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