ZUMBI Cycles – Handmade Polish Bike Frames

2/23/2007 : sicklines

ZUMBI Cycles is owned and ran by Paweł Matuszyński. He has a passion for the mountains and an engineering pedigree. When these two things come together great things can happen. ZUMBI is a unique company offering some very sweet rides for downhill and freeride as well as 4x, street, and dirt jumping. To find out what is so unique about ZUMBI click the link below to read the rest of the article.

, ZUMBI Cycles – Handmade Polish Bike Frames

ZUMBI F-44 – 3920g (without shock, polished F-44 Ti) – 220mm of rear travel

To understand what ZUMBI is about and how they’re unique in the downhill and freeride industry we thought we’d let PaweÅ‚ tell you about his company.  One of their key benefits is the customization ZUMBI offers.  If you know the geometry you want, ZUMBI can build it for you.  A custom ride, at a great price.

How did you start Zumbi? “As the owner and designer of ZUMBI I am an avid DH rider/racer and in my designs I’m trying to accomplish the ultimate ride. I have a masters degree in Engineering. Everything I do is connected with mountains which I love. Besides biking I snowboard, ski and climb. I designed and built my first frame in 2003. In 2005 I started cooperating with Craig Seekins and in 2006 I became an Avalanche Downhill Racing dealer which is great because I make custom frames and Craig makes custom shocks and forks for them.”

, ZUMBI Cycles – Handmade Polish Bike Frames

DH Team frame – 4250 g (without shock) – 220mm of rear travel

What is ZUMBI’s design philosophy? “ZUMBI’s philosophy is building custom geometry frames for real riders who know exactly what they want from their bike.”

, ZUMBI Cycles – Handmade Polish Bike Frames

DH Team fully built

What types of materials does ZUMBI use when constructing bikes? “We use the best materials like 7020 Oria tubing, 7075 aluminum, Ti6Al4V titanium and high grade stainless steel. All the frame parts are CNC machined and handwelded at our facility in Poland. Our welders are ex-MIG aircraft welders with over 30 years of experience.”

, ZUMBI Cycles – Handmade Polish Bike Frames

Notice the nice welds and gusseting on the F-44

Do you have any sponsored riders or a racing team? “The 2005 and 2006 racing seasons were great for ZUMBI. Our team rider Michal Sliwa was always on the podium in Polish and Slovak DH races on the DH Team frame. Not one team bike had any issues throughout this period. Not even the pivot axle bolts or bearings came loose. The F44 frame was designed and tested throughout the 2006 season and is ready for production.”

, ZUMBI Cycles – Handmade Polish Bike Frames

ZUMBI Voodoo – 2490 g

What do you have new for 2007? “New for 2007 is the floating disc mount, standard for our single pivot DH Team frame. We also added the option of Ti pivot axles in both of our suspension frames. Soon there will be a full titanium version of our REAKTOR headset made in a limited series. Basically we feel ready to get to a wider, international rider clientel.”

, ZUMBI Cycles – Handmade Polish Bike Frames

ZUMBI Voodoo Street – 2490 g

We hope this gives you a taste of what ZUMBI has to offer. If you’re thirsty for more info check out their site as ZUMBI has a bunch of pictures and information on each of their frames.

They are currently looking for international distributors as they want everyone to be able to get access to their product. If you’re so inclined you can contact PaweÅ‚ [email protected]

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