Sun Ringle A.D.D. Wheelset Review

Sun Ringle MTX Rims:

In 2007, Sun Ringle only had one variation of the MTX rim. For 2008, the rim used in this wheelset is technically the MTX 33. The MTX has an inner bead width of 26mm which provides a very nice platform for bigger tires. It isn’t too wide to flatten out the tire profile but isn’t too narrow to curve a tire too much. The MTX rim held up really well during our use. It’s a pretty lightweight rim at only 660g and isn’t too expensive should you ever need to replace it. For 2008, Sun has got a few additional MTX rims of varying sizes to help give riders more options when selecting an MTX rim.

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The MTX rim is welded and offers pretty clean styling to the rim. The rims don’t dent too easily but also aren’t bombproof if you like running really low tire pressure or often plow through rock gardens. These rims will hold up just fine for a majority of riders out there and come in at a good price should you need to replace one. The option to use these rims in their DH wheelset works very well and for 2008 they’ve got an A.D.D. Lite wheelset that uses the MTX 29 rim should you want a lighter/narrower wheel.

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