RockGardn TrailStar Chest Protector

RockGardn saw a need for a lightweight over-jersey protection that can be taken off just as quickly as it can be put on. Often when shuttling (or in hot weather), armor can quickly heat you up. What the TrailStar does is allow you a way to remove the armor quickly and easily. While it doesn’t offer quite the same protection as their Flack Jacket it still offers a good bit of protection with some expandability.

The Product

front (click to enlarge)

The TrailStar is lightweight and can be taken off very easily. It features RockGardn’s 3 piece chest design which offers very nice mobility. In addition to the chest protection, it includes a sternum pad and a re-designed back plate that is wide and quite ventilated. The back plate does not come down as far as the Flack Jacket or other full length amour but does offer some protection.

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In addition to those features, it is Leatt Brace compatible as well as has attachment points for a RockGardn Neck Roll. Accessories can be attached like the Landing Zone Elbow/Forearm guards which help transform the TrailStar into a modular protective setup.

attachment point for Landing Zone Elbow/Forearm guards (click to enlarge)

An optional TrailStar Hydropack can be attached to the armor via four Velcro clasps and features a pretty spacious storage area for keys or other vital pieces. It can carry up to 1.5 liters and has a 90 degree bite valve with a flow shut-off.

Hydropack (click to enlarge)

bite valve (click to enlarge)

Riding Results

The TrailStar was a treat to ride with. It is a one size fits all and worked on everyone we’ve seen try it on so far. The TrailStar is meant to be fit over the jersey but can also be worn underneath the jersey.

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Initially we were skeptic of the sizing on the TrailStar but we’ve tried it on many people and haven’t found anyone yet that it hasn’t fit. Sizing on the TrailStar is one size fit all and we had no trouble fitting the TrailStar on all the riders.

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The main straps are pretty easy to adjust and removing the protector was almost effortless as it took only a few seconds. Adjusting the shoulder pads and the shoulder clasp could be a little easier and can become a two person job on initial setup if you’re looking for a perfect fit. Once the pads are in place however, removing it takes minimal time and effort. Mobility was pretty good with the TrailStar as well. The breast plates didn’t feel constricting and had some nice padding in key areas that often can get missed in armor design.

rear shoulder detail (click to enlarge)

front shoulder detail (click to enlarge)

Where the TrailStar lacks, however, is if you’re looking for a full protective setup. While you can attach the RockGardn landing zone (elbow/forearm) pads to it, the TrailStar is still not a full protection setup. It lacks a full back brace and other features that you’ll find on the Flak Jacket.

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The backplate is also permanently attached to the amour but does have a nice airflow design to it to keep your back cool. The backplate is quite wide as well as having slits to allow for additional cooling.The white accents look nice but can quickly become dirty.

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Strapping on the optional Hydropack was a cinch and a very unique and smart way to integrate the two pieces together. The hydration system worked pretty much as expected and held a good bit of water considering its size.

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with Hydropack (click to enlarge) without Hydropack (click to enlarge)

The Trailstar is also Leatt brace compatible which is nice to see as these devices become more and more popular.


  • $119.95 Trailstar Chest Protector
  • $38.00 Landing Zone Elbow/Forearm Guards
  • $29.95 Trailstar Hydropack


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The TrailStar is perfect for those who are looking for some protection that want armor that can quickly and easily come on and off. Shuttling with full armor can become quite hot in the summertime and instead of going down the hill without any protection or having to remove your jersey and the subsequent armor underneath, the TrailStar might be just what you’ve been looking for. It’s priced quite competitively and has many ad ons that help embellish the TrailStar.

You can purchase these and other fine RockGardn pieces directly from RockGardn or swing by RideSFO to try it out for yourself. The fine folks at RockGardn love talking about their products and if you have any questions regarding fitting or what product is right for you they’re more than willing to help and listen.

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