Five Ten Impact 2 Low

written by: J.V. Nixon


Five Ten Impact 2 Low (click to enlarge)

In 2007, the 5.10 Impact shoe was redesigned to give a better fit and lighten it up a little. The Impact 2 received an overhaul in the appearance department as well as being constructed of materials that are a little bit easier to clean. Where the 5.10 Impact 2 shoe shines, if you’re not familiar with them, lies in their sticky Stealth S1 rubber outsole.

If there’s one feature a company could take from 5.10 when building a shoe, it’s their Stealth rubber. The rubber sole is designed to adhere to rocks and other surfaces amazing well. The 5.10 shoes can make any pedal manageable and can be seen worn by some of the top Pro downhiller’s such as Sam Hill and Nathan Rennie.

The Product Features:

  • Action leather upper for lightweight, all-season durability.
  • Light and cushioned PU midsole.
  • Barrel lace-up closure.
  • Redefined patterns on the collar and Raptor tongue.
  • Slingshot construction on the heel locks the foot down for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Reflective silver accents.
  • Stealth® S1 rubber outsole technology for friction and durability.
  • Available in sizes 7-13 and run pretty true to fit.

The Impact 2’s come in a few optional variations such as a high/mid top version or a low top version that doesn’t offer ankle protection. 5.10 has designed some signature models for Nathan Rennie (High) and Sam Hill (Low). Marzocchi also makes a shoe with the Stealth rubber but it’s a bit inferior in a few areas. They’re great for the fan boys but the white Marzocchi version has a lot of white to them which will get quite dirty if you ride your bike. Although these alternate versions are a bit more stylish (and more $), I’d hate to see my white 5.10 shoes after the first ride I took in them. Marzocchi does plan on making a black version as well soon.

How well do they work?

If you need traction, the 5.10 Stealth rubber is hard to beat. The rubber adheres really really well to pedals and if you’re used to clipless pedals, this will make the transfer to flat pedals a lot easier. Repositioning your feet can be a bit impossible at times, especially if you’ve got some good pedals. The Impact Low shoe feels good while on the bike and off it. The shoe fits around your feet quite snugly but do run a bit fat similar to a skate shoe.

Stealth S1 rubber sole detail (click to enlarge)

The tongue is pretty thick and is attached to one side of the shoe and wraps around snugly to provide a secure fit and help reduce water / debris from entering the shoe. The sole is efficient at helping to put the power down a bit better than your typical shoe as the sole is a good bit stiffer but is still comfortable to walk in. During muddy riding, these shoes stuck well to the pedals and after ride clean up was a breeze. They felt like they stick even better when they’re a little bit wet or muddy.

ankle area detail (click to enlarge)

Where can the Impact 2 Low’s improve?

The 5.10 shoes are great at sticking to the pedals. The problem with them is that they might be construed as too sticky. If you’ve got a set of pedals that are built well, you’ll be stuck even more to the pedals. Moving your feet with these shoes when your feet are on the pedal might require you to remove your foot entirely off the pedal then reapply it. Trying to shift your feet with a good set of pedals and 5.10 shoes isn’t an easy task. If you’ve got bad ankles or like to freely move your feet about the pedals, these shoes might not be for you.

Additionally, while it is a good thing these pedals stick well, it can also be a detrimental when sticking your feet out around corners or brushing up close to rocks as these shoes can stick to these objects at inopportune times. I feel that the wrap around Stealth sticky rubber could be removed from the perimeter of the shoes and kept to the bottom of the shoe to help prevent any accidental sticking.

side profile (click to enlarge)

The Stealth rubber sole is somewhat vulnerable to sharp objects, so if you’ve got tiny pins in your pedals chances are you will start to gouge away at the rubber over time. I didn’t experience too much abnormally quick wear on my soles but a few little chunks were gouged out of the sole while testing. During testing we also got a chance to get the Impact 2’s a little wet. They soak up water similar to a skate style shoe. Drying these shoes takes some time and could be improved.

The 5.10 shoes don’t have a shoe lace cover so the laces can get unwound or tangled. This could pose a serious hazard if the laces were to enter the drivetrain. Some other cycling shoes like the Shimano MP66 and Helly Hansen Jaeger have enclosures to keep their laces neatly tucked away and secure. Without the lace enclosure the Impact 2’s also soak up water and mud into the fat tongue a lot easier.

toe, tongue, and lace area detail (click to enlarge)


  • $89.99 MSRP


Five Ten Impact 2 Low (click to enlarge)

The Five Ten Impact 2 Low shoes are superb at sticking to the pedal. It can however, take some time to adapt to the stickiness that the Stealth S1 rubber provides. The shoes aren’t perfect, but they are very efficient at putting the power down and giving you superb traction no matter what the situation. If you’re used to clipless pedals and need the stickiest shoe to keep your feet planted, the Stealth rubber can’t be beat. I feel the Impact 2 shoe has some setbacks about it, but they’re not enough to suggest not getting them. These areas of improvement would make the Impact 2 become an even better shoe.

If you’re looking for a good place to get these shoes, Phil @ can hook you up with these shoes (or any of the 5.10/Marzocchi shoes).

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