Corsair Konig

written by: J.V. Nixon

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MSRP: $1499 frame with shock

Corsair is a fairly new bike company on the scene but the players involved with the company have been working in the bike business for some time.

Pablo Tafoya is the main man behind the designs of the Corsair bikes. The first time we talked to him it was clear he had a vision of his ideal bikes that were each purpose built.  Pablo engineered each Corsair frame specifically. Unlike a lot of manufacturers who stick with one suspension system to market across their entire bike lineup, the Corsair lineup is not dedicated to any specific design.

The Cosair Köing without a doubt looks good, but how does it perform?  It is marketed as a “Slope Style” bike and that catch-all term in today’s market can be a bit confusing to most buyers. This term is often thrown around loosely and a good amount of riders don’t ride “Slope Style”.  What the König aims to offer in a nutshell is solid performance in a bike park.  Whether you’re landing a hairy drop, throwing a whip, flip, manual, or jumping, the König aims to be the bike that excels in the stunt assisted park (think Whistler, A-Line type of trail inspired).   Ready to learn more, read on.

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