2009 Turner 5 Spot DW-Link

written by: J.V. Nixon


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MSRP: $2495 Frame Only (Build kits available) The Turner 5 Spot has always been a strong bike in the Turner lineup and with the addition of the DW-Link (one of Dave Weagle’s suspension designs) this year, the Turner 5 spot gained even more interest amongst the biking community. Available in 6 sizes (XS – XXL) and built in the U.S.A., the 5 Spot features 140mm (5.5”) of travel and fits in what most would categorize as “All Mountain” or “Trail Bike” depending on the build specifications. The new Turner DW-Link infused 5 Spot on the surface shares a very familiar look with previous Turners. Internally it also shares similarities as it uses bushings but features revised stainless steel Zerk fittings to allow users to re-grease the pivots easily and stay in place better as they are screwed into the frame instead of previous ones that were pressed in.

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Competitive Cyclist has a demo program that allows a rider to test ride a wide variety of bikes like the 5 Spot for only $300. It really helps a customer trying to decide if a bike is right for them to be able to try it on their home course for a nominal fee that is deduced should you decide to purchase the bike! As they say the proof is in the pudding, and there’s nothing like sampling the pudding before having to pay for it fully. We nabbed one of their demo’s for a bit after Interbike to check it out a bit more. Read the rest of the review inside.

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