2012 – Windrock – Oliver Springs, TN Fall Fest

Windrock is an ATV park that is a playground for outdoor moto / atv / biking

One of the most fun places to ride downhill in the south is without a doubt Windorck ATV Park. Nested away in Oliver Springs, TN Windrock offers over 2000ft of vertical with some gnarly terrain to beat your downhill bike on.

Every year riders get together in the fall to ride and enjoy a season ending ride of sorts at Windrock and this year was another great showing. There were easily over 75 riders in attendance enjoying the terrain and fall foliage.

I’ve been beating on a 2012 Turner DHR for a little while now and took it down to Windrock for some fun. I’ve grown quite fond of it and you can check out some of the terrain in the video below. I played with a few GoPro camera mounts as well including a new one from GoPole called “The Arm” that lets you orient the camera backwards to capture the rider.

Video: Windrock Fall Fest 2012

Riders hit the trails with hoots and hollers all day (photo: Jay Schultz)

There is no ski-lift here so a few trailers were organized to shuttle everyone to the various trail heads. Riders piled on all day long.


At the end of the day, there was a raffle to give away some really nice prizes from the industry. Cane Creek threw in a double barrel and an AngleSet for example and Suspension Experts also offered up free suspension overhauls. Additional stuff was thrown in from SickLines, Trials Training Center, Red House Bikes, Billy Goat bikes/Mountain Khakis, Weevil Outdoors, and Tifosi Optics.

The raffle was a success with tons of money raised for Windrock and trail maintenance


The trails at Windrock are a bit unique and the rocky terrain can beat up bikes and people quite easily. From the top of the Windmill’s at Windrock, riders can enjoy over 2000 ft of vertical on some challenging downhill terrain.

broken saddle

There are also some all-mountain style trails near the campground that are fun if you don’t have a long travel bike. ATV’s and dirtbikes also are quite popular as Windrock has lots of epic trails to explore. The campground offers hot showers as well as RV hookups, cabins, and tent areas.

Awesome downhilling all day (photo: Jay Schultz)

Mid-day the gill came out and people ate up quickly to get more runs in the shuttle before sunset.

Louisiana riders sure know how to cook

The sun was out and the temperature was quite ideal for downhill. Even Goldilocks would’ve been impressed. It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold. It was just right.

Beware - Awesome BBQ at Captain Toms

After the shuttle ended and riders packed up for the day, most riders headed over to Captain Toms for some great BBQ and a few beers.

This famous barbecue spot has seen a lot of history and celeberities

If you’re located close to Windrock, you should make an effort to check it out. It’s got some awesome terrain and the locals are friendly. Post up in the South forum on Ridemonkey as most rides tend to get organized on there. You can also see more about Windrock on our courses page.

Photo: Jay Schultz