2011 Trestle All Mountain Enduro Presented by Trek

For 2011, Winter Park set out to host an All Mountain Enduro style race.  With the help and vision from Ross Schnell, WinterPark devised a 5 stage race course that would challenge riders of all skills.

Each of the stages provided challenges top to bottom, touching almost all the key trails that Winter Park has to offer when the race was completed. They had a variety of climbs, rocks, descents, and other obstacles to overcome along the way.

This Enduro race introduced some strategic decision making as riders had to race with the same bike essentially for all stages.  The  catch was each rider had to use the same frame and suspension.  Wheels and tires could be swapped out as they saw fit.

Stage Maps:

Results: [Full Stage Results]

Pro Men: [Full Stage Results]

  1. Ross Schnell
  2. Brian Buell
  3. Nathanial Hills

Pro Women:[Full Stage Results]

  1. Kelli Emmett
  2. Rebecca Garnder
  3. Alicia Jakomait

Amateur Men / Women:[Full Stage Results]

Photo Gallery:


Stage 1 routed racers down parts of the Trestle DH track.  The catch was that this would be a chainless event to kick off the Enduro.

Helmet Cam Video of Trestle DH:

Ross Schnell, designer of the Enduro stage circuits, rails a berm on course. He would go on to win the overall Pro Men title.

Ross Schnell takes the overall win (photo: Jake M)

Brian Buell sends his Banshee Spitfire down a step down on the course to take second overall.

Brian Buell (photo: Jason N)

Splash! (photo: Jason N)

Even the wild life tuned in to the 2011 Trestle All Mountain Enduro race.

Inerested onlooker (photo: Jason N)

Mark Weir likes to ride his bike. No surprise seeing him here at this Enduro race having a good time.

Mark Weir storms a berm with a menacing look (photo: Jake M)

Jennifer Whalen hits one of the wooden features during stage 3.

Jennifer on courese (photo: Jake M)

Jess Pederson styles it out near the finish line.

Jess Pederson (photo: Jason N)

John Searles usually can be seen working in the Specialized demo trailer but today he was on the race course enjoying the Enduro race.

John Searles (photo: Jason N)

Kelli Emmett showed composure on each stage. She would go on to take the overall for the Pro Women.

Kelli Emmett (photo: Jake M)

Kelli sets up for one of the last straightaways before the finish line.

Kelli Emmett - 1st Pro Women (photo: Jason N)

Jumps, berms, climbs, and more.  The Trestle Enduro race had it all.

Miguel takes flight (photo: Jason N)

Mike West charges through a wet spot near the finish

Mike West (photo: Jason N)

Charles Barkley even showed up (photo: Jason N)

SRAM’s Tyler Morland threw his hat in the ring to race the Enduro at Trestle.

Tyler Morland airs it out on the lower section of Boulevard (photo: Jason N)

Nate Hill is no stranger to racing. He would go on to take third place overall.

Nathanial knows what it takes to do well at an Enduro (photo: Jason N)

Ryan Gardner was doing well the whole weekend.  The long All-Mountain stage 5 pushed him into 7th overall.

Ryan Gardner (photo: Jason N)

Taylor keeps his eyes ahead when hitting one of the many berms during stage 3.

Taylor Borucki (photo: Jason N)

Focused the whole way down for Mark Weir.

Mark Weir (photo: Jason N)

Brian Buell rails a turn on Rainmaker (photo: Jake M)

Over 165 racers enjoyed the Enduro race-weekend and Winter Park plans on doing it all again next year. They’ve hosted numerous races including Crankworx Colorado / UCI DH race this year. They continue to support the sport and the development of numerous quality trails in the Trestle Bike park.

If you missed out on the race this year, be sure to pencil it in your calender for next year if you like Enduro races and want to see more of them in the USA.


Winter Park Resort is summer’s best escape. Located just 67 miles from Denver, Colorado and nestled by the Continental Divide. Winter Park Resort’s Trestle Bike Park is the fastest growing bike park in the United States offering 37 miles of gravity-fed trails with an expanding list of over 200 features. Boasting a top-to-bottom green trail called Green World and planned expansion of Rainmaker, Trestle is a mecca for mountain bikers of all skillset. Winter Park Resort also offers family activities at the base including Colorado’s longest Alpine Slide, events in The Village at Winter Park, plus much more! To book your next vacation, visit www.winterparkresort.com