Ray’s MTB Indoor Park – Milwaukee, WI

Welcome to Ray’s MTB indoor mountain bike park.

Rays big sign by the road for all to see (click to enlarge)

Video Overview


8365 North 76th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53223
414-355-7433 (RIDE)

Entry and common areas

As soon as you enter through the front doors you know you’re in the right place. The elevated XC loop, jump lines and street park are forefront for everyone to see.

entry (click to enlarge)

In case you get lost or can’t find the restrooms (they are in the back) there is a map at the entrance to point you where to go.

park map (click to enlarge)

Ray’s Milwaukee has a plethora of t-shirts and other biking products for sale. If you forgot your knee or shin guards, break a part, or just want a souvenir t-shirt, they have you covered. They also have Go-Pro helmet cameras you can rent while at Ray’s. The rental fee is even discounted from your purchase should you decide you want one to keep for yourself.

retail area (click to enlarge)

The sign in process is easy and mostly electronic. They’ll still need your real signature on the waiver forms though.

waiver station (click to enlarge)

Ray’s Milwaukee has roomy SRAM lounge areas. There is much more room to hang out and eat compared to the Cleveland park. There are lounge areas on both the ground and upper floor with the BlackBox Labs lounge is an area in the back of the park that people can reserve for group events.

lower lounge (click to enlarge)

lower lounge area (click to enlarge)

Sport, Expert, and Troy Lee Designs Super Rhythm Jumps

There are 3 main jump lines at Ray’s Milwaukee. They start on the upper floor and lead towards a split that allows riders to go left towards the expert and sport lines or stay right and ride the super rhythm line. There was also some additional construction going on while we were there that looked like additional jumps could be added in the near future near the Red Bull wall.

in the background you can see the roll in to the jump lines (click to enlarge)

super rhythm jump line (click to enlarge)

Below you’ll notice the split to the left and right. If you choose to stay right go ride the super rhythm line it’ll take you on a long course around the expert section and street park. It features some rhythm jumps along the backside of the line with a massive wall ride before you hit the finish jumps.

the jump line split detail (click to enlarge)

heading towards the sport and expert jumps (click to enlarge)

we saw a lot of riders have a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to hit the back rhythm jump section (click to enlarge)

massive wall ride near the end of the super rhythm jump line (click to enlarge)

another perspective on the large wall ride (click to enlarge)

Expert Section

The expert section has many lines for riders to tackle. We thought this area had more a “North Shore” type feel with technical lines and features. There are several long skinnies, large teeter totters, and sliding bridge. One line even offers a couple of steep sections you can drop with a little speed.

beginning of expert section (click to enlarge)

end of expert section (click to enlarge)

opposite view of the end of expert section (click to enlarge)

expert section (click to enlarge)

the teeter totters in the expert section are much taller than the sport section (click to enlarge)

expert section elevator (click to enlarge)

Go Pro Sport Section

The sport section starts much like the expert section with a raised platform and a bunch of lines to choose from. These lines are more subdued than the expert section but they can still be tricky. The lines to the far riders right are the most difficult with stumps and rocks added for a more natural feel.

(left) sport section (right) sport jumps (click to enlarge)

The sport section lines conclude with variations on skinnies.

end of sport section area (click to enlarge)

sport section (click to enlarge)

end of sport section (click to enlarge)

sport section (click to enlarge)

sport section (click to enlarge)

SR Suntour Beginner Section

The beginner section is the most simple of the terrain areas. These lines have subtle features with undulating platforms. They’ve added in a few rock and log elements which keeps the area feeling a bit more natural and adds some bits of more technical riding for people to skill up on.

first part of beginner section (click to enlarge)

beginner section (click to enlarge)

rock garden (click to enlarge)

beginner section (click to enlarge)

XC loop

The XC loop winds its way around the perimeter of the park and crosses in the middle. The easiest way to start the loop is to go to the Climbs area and ascend to the upper floor.

climbs to the upper floor lead up to the XC loop and jump lines (click to enlarge)

The XC loop winds its way around the upper and lower floor areas making for a great work out.

(click to enlarge)

part of the XC loop with a couple of line choices (click to enlarge)

one of the elevated parts of the XC loop (click to enlarge)

Subaru Street Park

Ray’s Milwaukee has an expansive street park. Sponsored by Subaru, it has all of the most popular street features with plenty of room to maneuver and create varying linked lines.

street park (click to enlarge)

street park (click to enlarge)

Ray's is even carved into the wood hitching post feature (click to enlarge)

Trek Foam Pit

Ray’s Milwaukee also has a foam pit like Cleveland but it has a steeper roll in and the ramp felt a little different as well. The Trek foam pit put smiles on peoples faces all day.

foam pit (click to enlarge)

Pump Track

The pump track wasn’t finished when we visited the park but we were assured it would be completed soon. It is located on the second floor and covers a large area. It looks like it will be quite fun when finished.

Park Tool Repair area

In case you need to air your tires, repair a part, or adjust your ride there is a Park Tool repair area stocked with tools and repair stand.

Park Tool repair area

Demo Areas

Ray’s Milwaukee has a full fleet of demo bikes available. They feature Trek hardtail mountain bikes and Mirraco BMX bikes. They are $10 a day to rent.

demo fleet (click to enlarge)

Trek also has their own demo / display center if you want to check out their other offerings. These bikes are made available for a quick “taste test” session. They are not available to rent for an entire day.

Trek demo area (click to enlarge)