Site Location:
Windrock Road
Oliver Springs, TN 37840

Course Map: See A little old but HighGearRacing

Course Video:

Trail: Starting Shit

Trail: Snake Rock

Trail: Southern Rocks

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Description of course: Windrock is only for advanced / expert / pro riders at this time. If you’re unsure of your skill level this isn’t the best place to try your skills out at. There are some dangerous sections that can cause you a lot of harm so its not for beginners.

It’s best to arrange a ride with a local if it’s your first time via their online forum, or Ridemonkey. Trail length’s vary upto ~10mins. Steep terrain (over 2300ft vertical) and natural downhill at its finest. There’s a bit of everything there. Rocks, drops, highspeed sections, and lots of technical riding. Bring your big bike for maximum enjoyment. The trail network is not mapped yet so its best to ride with someone who has been there before.

Average course time: varies upto 10mins

Other attractions: ATV Park, drinking (outside the rock)

Hours of operatoins: Dawn / Dusk

Fees: $17 Trail access fee per day. Self shuttle (mostly paved road)

Bathrooms: Yes

Camping: Windrock Campground

Website: Windrock ATV , Ridemonkey South Forum

Contact Information: 865-435-0486

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