About SickLines

Assistant Editor – Nathan Hughes

What is SickLines.com?

It’s hard to describe in a few words but if you’ve been visiting our site for awhile, you can probably formulate up what SickLines.com is about.

In short:

  • You’re either part of the solution, or part of the problem. We saw something we didn’t like in the industry and set out to try and make it better. No one else is going to fix it if you don’t.
  • Content that we feel is important (video, reviews, technical procedures, race coverage, newest products, news, etc).
  • A portal though which rich content is passed along.
  • A single serving site that links you to the current events/news/reviews we feel are important.
  • A clean site that brings a new line unseen before in online, or print.
  • Insightful reflection on products often overlooked or undervalued.

How did you come up with the name SickLines (what does it mean)?

The name was a derivation of words that are often associated with gravity riding/racing.
Often riders will say “that was Sick” as well as, “did you see that line“. Using the two words together, the site is defined in many ways.

  • The goal of the site is embodied in the name. Taking the sickest line that few dare to take.
  • Most everything we try and do can be defined through the site name.
  • Whether its showing you a sick line down a trail, or telling you what we really think about a product, we aim to say true to the meanings of the words while shooting strait from the hip without the fluff and marketing hype often associated with press.
  • SickLines is a site seeking what real riders such as ourselves always wanted to see in a site in all aspects (Content, Reviews, News, etc).
  • Real reviews that stick to the way a product really works without focusing on the marketing aspects often attributed to a “Review”.
  • Content that we feel is important to the community. A focus on original content that matters to us, and spreading the word on other good content.
  • An aggregation of the top content. A single serving entity that can pass along the key issues going on.

Why are there advertisements?

We’ve never actually been asked this question directly, but it’s something everyone always wants to know about. The reason for the ads is two fold. To generate funds to pay for hosting and to generate more original content. All the money that has been made (and then some) has gone back into the site. SickLines is a site that is dedicated to the readers and not the advertisers. It’s not easy to get funds from companies since we’re not interested in being a beacon of their marketing squad, but bring you content in a way that keeps the riders in the #1 spot. If we have the readers, the funds to do more for you guys will eventually come to fruition.

Do you accept donations or other support?

Sure. If you feel like supporting SickLines with a monitary donation we’re more than happy to accept any amount, large or small.  You can find a donation link on the Home page and below.  We want to keep the site progressing and financial support is only part of the equation.  Rider support and word of mouth advertising is a key factor in letting others know about SickLines and the resources we provide to the community. Your comments and suggestions are also very helpful and create a sense of open communication that we feel is vital to a healthy site producing content by riders for riders.