Renthal Prototype Direct Mount Stem

Prototype parts are always fun to spot and we saw this Renthal prototype stem this weekend at Sea Otter.

Renthal prototype stem

This prototype Renthal Stem differs from the Integra Stem and it looks quite tidy in our opinion. We’ve been pleased with the Renthal mountain bike product lineup and it seems like many riders are as well given how many we’ve seen on people’s bikes.


They still use a 6 bolt design but the clamping on the upper bolts are reminiscent of a moto setup. The top two bolts torque down completely, and the bottom two bolts are then tightened. We’ve seen this implemented in a few other stems in the market as well and dig the design. It simplify’s installation and improves proper torque.


With this design you don’t have to make sure there is an even space in between the bar clamps since the top bolts are torqued fully.  This provides for even handlebar clamping and less chances of improper installation in our opinion.


This stem looks to give a bit more adjustability in stem height and possibly some weight savings.  Similar to the Integra, this stem is a 3 piece design with 6 bolts. Details we’re sure will be released at some time in the future but for now this is just a prototype.

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