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Renthal Products

Renthal has been a name in the moto industry for some time and they’ve released numerous products into the mountain bike arena this past year. Check out our thoughts on the Fatbar, SR4, Push On Grips, and Integra stem.

Renthal Push On Grips

The Renthal Push On Grips are available in 4 models in 135mm length.  Soft, Medium, Firm, and Kevlar.  These 4 models offer varying stickiness and durability to suit your needs and come with end-caps as well to protect the bars.  The kevlar ones featured here are supposed to last the test of time while still providing good stickiness and absorption qualities. Made with DuPont Kevlar brand resin for softer, tackier and longer lasting grips.

Grip with these are very impressive and if you’re used to the lock-on style grips these tend to have a nice feel to them as they’re not sitting on a plastic tube like most lock-on grips.

Renthal - Kevlar - Push On grips

The annoyance of mounting push-on grips is pretty high for most people, especially if they’re used to lock-on style grips.  I’ve embedded a quick video showing how to quickly get push-on grips installed.


The grips have channels in them as well to allow for wire tires to be used.  I forgot how nice a set of quality push-on grips can feel.

Renthal Push On grips have wire-tie channels

MSRP will set you back $15.95 and can be purchased through a variety of dealers like BTI if you’re in the States, or direct via their website.

Renthal Fatbar


If there’s one thing Renthal is known for it’s their handlebars.  A good majority of moto riders know and trust Renthal and their Mountain Bike range of Fatbars are garnering similar support.  At a width of 780mm and offered in 10mm, 20mm, 30mm (pictured here), and 38mm rise. If you don’t require the full 780mm width and are looking for a lighter option, Renthal also offers a Fatbar lite option now they’ve designed with trail bikes in mind.

cut marks on the 780mm Renthal Fatbars

Renthal Fatbar lines up well with the Integra stem

While the Renthal Fatbar’s aren’t the lightest bars out there, they’ve been solid performers for us.  Paired with the Integra direct mount stem, this stem/bar combo has a great look with awesome stiffness.  They come in any color you like, provided you are looking for it in their AluGold color.

  • Back Sweep: 7 Deg
  • Up Sweep: 5 Deg
  • Width: 780mm

Borrowing technology from our championship winning motocross handlebars, we have designed and developed this handlebar to offer the ultimate combination of lightness, strength and durability.

Renthal Fatbar® handlebars are designed to let you ride faster, jump further and last longer.

  • High Strength 7 series aluminium alloy
  • New increased 780mm width
  • Actual width laser marking, down to 680mm
  • 31.8mm clamping diameter
  • Shot peened and anodised for a corrosion resistant finish
  • Laser etched positioning grid for easy set up
  • Permanent Graphics
  • weight 362.7g for the 30mm, 348.4g for the 20mm (see more verified weights in our weights section)

Renthal Fatbars

These bars have been a set and forget piece for us along with their Integra stem.  They’ve made their way across a few bikes.

MSRP is $90.00 and can be purchased through a variety of dealers like BTI if you’re in the States, Fanatik Bike, or direct via their website.

Integra Stem

Renthal Integra Stem

Renthal’s revolutionary Integra stem combines high strength with ultra low weight. The horizontally divided, two-piece clamp, allows the use of just six bolts to vastly reduce overall weight.

An ultra-wide, 64mm handlebar clamp increases torsional rigidity. Superior strength and structural stability is gained from the horizontally divided, two-piece construction.
The uninterrupted U-shape clamping area eliminates stress risers found on most other clamps, which can lead to handlebar failure.

The Renthal Integra™ stem is designed to ride faster, jump further and last longer.


  • CNC machined from 6082 T6 aluminium alloy
  • Minimal 6-bolt, split stem design
  • U-shape cradle clamp eliminates handlebar stress risers found with traditional stems
  • Ultra-wide 64mm clamp width
  • 45 or 50mm adjustable offset
  • weight 136.3g (see more verified weights in our weights section)

Integra Stem

The Integra stem mounts cleanly to the fork crowns on Boxxer and FOX with ease.  The mounting setup however that they employ means you won’t be able to remove the bars without unbolting the stem but that’s a small annoyance that for most people rarely occurs.  The stem has a wide mounting area and when paired with the Fatbars provide quite a stiff setup. Stack height wise, the Integra stem isn’t too tall so any rider should be able to get the stem height they’re after easily.  I ended up putting a small spacer underneath to get the height up a little bit on the DHR.

MSRP: $109.95 and can be purchased through a variety of dealers like BTI if you’re in the States, Fanatik Bike, or direct via their website.

Renthal SR4 Chainring

The last piece of the Renthal linup that we’re going to talk about here is their SR4 chainring.

Renthal 36t SR4 chainring

It takes on a similar look and direction as their other parts in durability, finish, and robustness. The ring is quite solid and while not the lighest chainring we’ve ran, it is certainly stiff and durable.  It’s a bit thicker in a lot of areas than most rings and it feels like they provide additional stiffness in comparison when we tried to twist this ring unsucessfully.  To save some weight they have machined it in a few key areas to keep it quite competitive in the weight department.  The finish is durable and matches the rest of the Renthal lineup of products.

  • 8, 9 and 10 speed compatible
  • 104BCD
  • 32t – 44t (available in 1 tooth increments through 32-38t)
  • 48.4g for the 36t chainring (see more verified weights in our weights section)

Using all of our motocross racing experience we have designed and developed these Ultralite chainrings to offer the ultimate combination of lightness strength and durability.

Renthal Ultralite chainrings are designed to let you ride faster, jump further and last longer.

Computer aided Ultralite Design enables the ultimate combination of strength and lightness
High strength 7075-T6 aluminium alloy provides excellent longevity
Precision CNC machined to extremely light tolerances
Hard Anodised surface coating for increased longevity

MSRP: $49.95 and can be purchased through a variety of dealers like BTI if you’re in the States, Fanatik Bike, or direct via their website.

Learn more about the Renthal range of products on their website :

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