2011 Specialized SX Trail

Some changes have came to the SX Trail for 2011.  Gone is the Demo 7 so the SX Trail had to step up and fulfill their freeride role.  The 2011 SX Trail sees more travel and other tweaks.  For the SX Trail rider they’re usually a bit gravity enthused and the SX Trail this year is designed to help them polish their big air skills, maintain solid traction, and have reliable durability.

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SX Trail Benefits

  • Durable, yet maneuverable M5 alloy frame build with proven Freeride geometry
  • Reliable strength thanks to 32-spoke, 142+mm rear hub and big-volume Butcher tires
  • Big air capability with new, beefier 180mm-travel FSR suspension (fills the shoes of the Demo 7)
  • Quality spec package, including FOX shocks and SRAM components

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M5 Alloy Frame w/ Freeride Geometry

WHAT : Ultra-durable, yet lightweight alloy frame with Freeride-focused geometry.

WHY:  To withstand big jumps and highspeed hits, over and over again, while giving the rider superior handling.

HOW:  By redesigning the frame, Specialized was able to make room for more travel and carefully manipulate the tubes to maintain strength, while keeping weight low. Their freeride geometry keeps the frame angles slack and low for good handling.

Hydroformed Seat Tube

WHAT :  Customized seat tube shape, achieved through hydroforming processes.

WHY:  Eliminates forgings and, therefore, reduces weight—all while maintaining the strength required by aggressive freeriders.

HOW:  High pressure fluid is forced through each tube to eliminate welds and achieve more precise tube shaping.

Eccentric Pivot

WHAT :  Proprietary linkage system featuring a main pivot with eccentric spindle and wishbone shock yoke.

WHY:  Creates a stiffer rear end for more dependable handling in every situation.

HOW:  The eccentric spindle uses an offset bolt location that can only key in at one position, leaving the two sides of the link no room to twist. This prevents any unwanted flex or rotation that could sacrifice precision and confidence at the rear end of the bike.

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