KHS Gravity Open at Plattekill Results (Pro GRT #2)

Laszlo and Andrew Neethling share the podium

In typical Plattekill race weekend fashion, rain and fog rolled in early Sunday morning. The rain helped firm up the course a bit from all the traffic that it got from the days prior. By Pro Men qualifying, the conditions were looking pretty good as the sun burned through the dense fog and rain. The table was set and everyone was hungry for a win.  Andrew Neethling ended up pulling off the win. Check inside for more information as well as more pictures, results, and videos.

Plattekill invested in some new infrastructure such as new timing equipment, a new starting ramp, and a variety of other amenities that helped them pull this race off quite well.  After the Sunday morning fog and rain subsided the course conditions were near mint after some initial greasy conditions.

Pro qualifying took place at 11:30 AM and Bryn Atkinson (Transition Racing) set the fastest time followed closely by Andrew Neethling (Trek World Racing).  Justin Leov and many others knew they could improve on their times and the finals showed just that.

Bryn Atkinson rode aggressively and clearly gets along well with the Plattekill terrain. (click to enlarge)

Andrew Neethling (click to enlarge)

Pro men qualifying results

1 Bryn Atkinson Transition Racing Men Pro 2:47.50 (1)
2 Andrew Neethling Trek World Racing Men Pro 2:47.57 (2)
3 Duncan Riffle Giant Factory Men Pro 2:50.81 (3)
4 Justin Leov Trek World Racing Men Pro 2:51.62 (4)
5 Luke Strobel MS/Evil Men Pro 2:51.63 (5)
6 Juergen Beneke Old World Plaster Men Pro 2:52.57 (6)

On to the Pro women, Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing) set the fastest qualifying time by just over 7 seconds and passed nearly two girls on course so her final run was destined quite a bit faster. Melissa Buhl (KHS) was second in qualifying and Jill Kintner (Transition Racing) rounded out third in qualifying.

Tracy Moseley has now won Pro GRT #1 and 2 (click to enlarge)

Melissa Buhl took second place (click to enlarge)

Jill Kintner took third place (click to enlarge)

Come finals time, the course was primed and ready thanks to the hard working trail crew who laid out and maintained a great course for the race.  The course was taped pretty wide in sections and lots of line choices in many sections had riders mixing and matching the course to their style and insanity level. Watch 4 different riders tackle one section of the course.

Andrew Neethling – 1st Place

Bryn Atkinson – 2nd Place

Luke Strobel

Duncan Riffle (4th)

Don’t let the mismatched wheels fool you here.  Juergen Beneke was on form to put up a top 5 result but he had some issues and ended 10th at the end of the day.

Juergen Beneke (click to enlarge)

Riders from the all over the world showed up to put up their best efforts in the Pro GRT #2 race.  West and east coast riders amassed came together to race Pro GRT #2 as well as many international racers.

Duncan Riffle - (4th) (click to enlarge)

Brad Benedict (click to enlarge)

Geritt Beytagh won here in 2008, no such luck in 2010 as he got a little banged up early Sunday during practice after a crash (click to enlarge)

Chris Higgerson backing the bike hard into a berm (click to enlarge)

Ryan Condrashoff is back, healthy, and looking fast again (click to enlarge)

Kieran Bennett (5th) (click to enlarge)

Eric Hudson, local favorite (click to enlarge)

The Junior riders had a lot weighing in on this race as it was a qualifying race for the USA Junior Worlds team this year.  Bryson Martin will be an automatic qualifier as he won the junior expert category race with a 2:59.060.

Lauren Daney - 16years old - wins Cat 1 women (click to enlarge)

Cat 1 women has a fast rider to keep and eye on, 16 year old Lauren Daney.  She took the win for Grom Racing and is getting faster every race.

KHS sponsored this race as the title sponsor and they provided a complete bike for nearly every category winner!  Many other companies like Hayes Bicycle Group, Sun Ringle, Answer, Gamut, Maxxis, Nema, and many others also donated many products that Plattekill gave out with the other podium prizes.  Plattekill also has a pay-out system in place that pays the top 3 Cat 1 and Cat 2 winners so they got cash in their hand for their good results.

Pro men finals results

1 Andrew Neethling Trek World Racing Men Pro 2:43.480 (1)
2 Bryn Atkinson Transition Racing Men Pro 2:44.470 (2)
3 Justin Leov Trek World Racing Men Pro 2:45.200 (3)
4 Duncan Riffle Trek World Men Pro 2:47.400 (4)
5 Kieran Bennett DRD / Tomac Men Pro 2:47.990 (5)

Pro women finals results

1 Tracy Moseley Trek World Racing Women Pro 3:00.490 (1)
2 Melissa Buhl KHS Women Pro 3:05.470 (2)
3 Jill Kintner Transition Racing Women Pro 3:09.140 (3)
4 Darian Harvey Vixen Racing Women Pro 3:29.930 (4)
5 Rae Gandolf Team Sierra Nevada Women Pro 3:45.120 (5)

Full Results Pro Men & Women

Pro Women's Podium (click to enlarge)

Tracy Moseley said: “It was great to be riding in the sun after the crappy wet weather in Maribor last week at the World Cup! Nice to be riding a super fun track….a bit sketchy in places where it’s narrow and fast, and the rain overnight made it fun in the morning, really greasy, but it certainly dried up for the race; overall a really great weekend. I’m happy to have the series lead, and for sure I’’m enjoying racing in the US this year!”

Justin Leov said: “For qualifying I used Maxxis High Rollers and felt good apart from the slight off-course halfway down. I was disappointed with my time. I switched back to Minions for the Finals as the course was dry again and I set a personal goal of riding a 2m 45secs. I was definitely riding aggressively and after nearly coming off in the first rock section, hitting my derailleur on a rock and bending my hanger, I managed to settle myself and finish my run cleanly to achieve my time goal. It was good enough for 3rd today. Andrew had the speed this weekend and was definitely the man to beat. Great to see him on the top step!”

Justin Leov (click to enlarge)

Usually the riders douse each other on the podium but this time they decided to try a new celebration method thanks to some convincing Delta House crew (Plattekill’s version of the local “Animal House”). Video below of the action.

On Saturday afternoon, Spooky Bikes decided to cut a quick single slalom course for an impromptu timed race session.  Neko Mulally and a few others helped out.  Will Collins ended up taking the win and Ethan Quehl took second.

photo of the course (click to enlarge)

photo of the course (click to enlarge)

Micky (Spooky Bikes owner) getting loose

Mickey (click to enlarge)

Micky crashing after trying to push it a little too hard on the loose terrain.

Eli (Trek World Racing Mechanic) even got in on the fun.

Eli (click to enlarge)

Some of Plattekill's hard working crew (click to enlarge)

A lot of thanks goes out to Plattekill Mountain, their staff, and all those responsible for arranging such a great race.

After two rounds, Bryn Atkinson leads the men in the Pro GRT series and Tracy Moseley leads the women.  Pro GRT stop #3 will be at Northstar (Truckee, CA) June 26th-27th.

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