Prototype Mondraker Integrated FOX40 Crown and Stem

Mondraker has been testing a new FOX 40 Crown and Stem that are integrated into one piece.  Some details inside from the Mondraker site.

Mondraker always is in the offensive and trying to offer new products for the bikes and components. Featuring an integrated crown and top crown for the FOX40 fork.

At the moment we are still testing some prototypes and the plan is use this in the Barel’s Summum and rest of the riders the team are the best platform to get the best feedback product.

The Stem + Integrated link weight according to Mondraker is 253g.  115 g lighter than the Fox Crown + Stem (368g) that they’re using now.

The stock FOX 40 RC2 crown alone weights 207g according to our scale.

The Mondraker one eliminates 4 screws. Other positive point is that the new integrated Mondraker Stem + Link give us better support.

The new Stem + Integrated Crown Mondraker design is flat and offers some adjustability that they couldn’t get out of previous setups.  They say they’ve been able to get the handlebar position 2cm lower which is quite impressive.

Main features of the prototype test phase:
• Set in a single piece: upper deck DH + power.
• Compatible with Fox F40 fork.
• Total weight of package: 253g.