MRP G2 Chainguide

For 2008, MRP has a new chainguide called the G2. It’s a lightweight guide that protects the vitals of a drivetrain and is sure to make the racer boys happy. See inside for the details.

The MRP G2 chainguide is available in ISCG or ISCG-05 mounting. If you’ve only got a bottom bracket mount, you can purchase an optional adapter to run this guide. The G2 definitely has a familiar look to it, but improves upon the design and offers some benefits over a lot of other chainguide systems.

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The G2’s bashguard connects to the backplate and protects a lot of the vital parts in the drivetrain. In addition to protecting from front and underside impacts, the G2 bashguard also extends back and protects the chainguide pulley as well. The edge bevels inward to provide a bit of additional protection.

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The G2 is a very lightweight chainguide. At 270g including all hardware, it’s a lightweight option that is sure to please any racer.

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Where the G2 might not be ideal for you is if you require side bashguard protection. The G2 ideally protects the underside and the front of the chainring and chain but won’t protect you from side impacts quite as well as a conventional bashguard that bolts to your crankarm’s spider. The bashguard measures 13.15mm wide and is built to take hits quite well with its’ 3 point contact setup. The chainguide can not be run without the bashguard though unfortunately.

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In addition to that, the G2’s bashguard is mounted onto the backplate so your frame (ISCG tabs) are going to be taking the blows instead of your crankset. Most DH frames should be ok with this, but it’s something to keep in mind and an eye on. The guide comes with steel chainring bolts so you could save a bit more weight there by using alloy bolts.

  • Patented Integrated Skid Plate Design (#7,066,856)
  • 5mm thick CNC Alloy Boomerang with weight-optimized relief’s
  • Replaceable polycarbonate Skid w/full boomerang support
  • 3-point attachment of Skid to Boomerang
  • Derailleur cage style upper guide providing full chain enclosure
  • Integrated Skid/Lower Guide including sealed bearing pulley wheel
  • Enhanced Lower Guide rigidity and protection
  • Front-access, single-bolt positioning of Upper and Lower Guide
  • Low profile installation compatible with wide range of chain lines
  • Available in ISCG or ISCG-05
  • Capacity: 36-40 Tooth
  • 270g (including long ISCG bolts)
Parts Year Real(g) Pic.
MRP G2 ISCG Backplate 2008 83
MRP G2 Plastics & Pulley 2008 75
MRP G2 36-40t Bashguard 2008 91
MRP G2 Steel Bashguard Bolts 2008 11
MRP G2 ISCG Short Bolts 2008 8
MRP G2 ISCG Long Bolts 2008 11

Price (MSRP)

  • MPR G2: $160.00
  • Replacement Boomerang: $70.00
  • Replacement Skid: $45.00
  • Replacement Lower Guide: $14.00
  • Replacement Upper Guide: $20.00
  • Replacement Pulley Wheel: $15.00

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If you’re looking to pick up one of these new guides at a great price, hit up Chad at Red Barn Bicycles or inquire with MRP on where else you can pick one of these guides up at.

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