U.S. National Championships Mt. Snow, VT

July 18-22nd, the U.S. National Championships took place and the kings and queens were crowned at Mt. Snow. See more inside

There was a ton of spectators at the National Championships, and there was Downhill, Dual Slalom, XC, and Short Track.

Pro Men DH Results:

  1. Cole Bangert
  2. Luke Strobel
  3. Christopher Herndon
  4. Tim Sharp
  5. Geritt Beytgah

Pro Women DH Results:

  1. Kathy Pruitt
  2. Melissa Buhl
  3. Marla Streb

You can see all the full results here

[gv data=”yPleKIknOYA”][/gv]

There’s a few more video’s

See more pictures here, here, and here.