CHDH Race Series #2

In the hills of Livermore, Ca in an area better known as Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area downhill racers of all levels are competing for not only the fastest time, but the fastest speed, and bragging rights. This three part race series better known as the Corral Hollow Downhill Race (CHDH) is put on by the boys at

Amil makes an appearance at CHDH #2

By: Dave Pawlak

The series attracts several hundred downhill racers from all walks of life. Some professional racers, notably Waylon Smith, Forest Arakawa, Amiel Cavalier, and Mike Haderer have been known to make appearances and podium.

The rest of the field is comprised of professional female racers like Kona/Vela Bellas Allie Burch, junior racers like Foes’ Jami Pelligrino, as well as other expert, sport, and beginner class racers. There is also a class for hardtail racers only for the true masochists in the group. You may also find photographers like myself playing paparazzi and videographers filming to make the next great video.

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Alloutprodux CHDH #1 Video (high res)

The event while structured and planned to a tee, seems like a laid back weekend with a bunch of friends camping in the woods. The overall mood and direction of the event is for the chill and fun of the sport while offering competitive prizes and challenges to each rider. Even if you don’t race attending the event is fun and entertaining.

The history of CHDH and its progression to where it is now: In the 1960s, over 1,500 acres of Corral Hollow was opened as a privately-owned motorcycle park. In 1979, the State of California purchased the property and created the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area, which spawned several generations of off-road enthusiasts. In the late 1990s, an additional 3,000 acres of land was purchased by the state for planned inclusion into Carnegie SVRA. As a result, tension has increased between recreational users of the park and natural resource groups concerned with the impact to the park’s ever-diminishing population of hardy creatures.

Beginning in 2001, Team Wrong Way hosted the first Groovy Gravity Games (a.k.a ‘GGG’). The first GGG had 126 riders, free shuttles to the top of the ridge, and a post-race raffle with over $10,000 worth of bike gear and a Mountain Cycle Tremor FR-1 frame. The GGG was held in 2002, 2003, 2004 and culminated in 2005 with the notorious mud fest.

In 2006, Team Wrong Way passed the torch to RideSFO. In recognition of the area’s rich history, the GGG was renamed the Corral Hollow Downhill. More commonly known as CHDH, the race continued the tradition as set by Team Wrong Way—flowy turns, high-speed runways, gnarly jumps, and the infamous g-out section—followed by an epic raffle.

In 2007, RideSFO expanded the event to include a three-race series, placed a speed gun at the bottom of the g-out to clock the fastest rider, crowned per-category and overall series champions, and with permission of the park, teamed with a local Bobcat operator to build up the course to feature gnarlier jumps linked by large, sweeping berms, a mini g-out, and, across the finish line, a crowd-pleaser double.

CHDH Race #2 Pictures

David Klaassenvanoorschot (Photo: David P. more in the gallery)

Amil Cavalier (Photo: David P. more in the gallery)

Kyle Wideman (Photo: David P. more in the gallery)

Allie Burch (Photo: David P. more in the gallery)

Results for Race #2 (June 10th, 2007):

Pro Men

  1. David Klaassenvanoorschot 01:46.55
  2. Amil Cavalier 01:48.91
  3. Kyle Wideman 01:49.06
  4. Brad Benedict 01:50.65
  5. Kieran Bennett 01:52.21

Pro Female

  1. Allie Burch 02:27.74
  2. Jackie Baker 02:33.07
  3. Chrystal Tunnell 02:44.25

Full Results Here