Review: Duncon Cocker

Travis Engel at Bike Mag has thrown up a review on the Duncon Cocker. Duncon is a Polish manufacturer that makes a variety of frames. They have models for 4X all the way to full on DH rigs. The Cocker is marketed more towards the Urban and Dirt scene but can be used for other disciplines as well. The distinctive features on the Cocker are the double top tube, adjustable dropouts, and the ability to run forks with 100-160mm of travel. For more information on what Travis had to say about the Cocker, check out the article. If you like what you see or are curious about what other rides Duncon makes, check out their website.

“Throw a leg over it, and it’s clear there’s something different. Somehow it’s like climbing onto a downhill bike without the squish; it’s every bit as stiff, but also nearly every bit as heavy.”