Motionlingo Adeo GPS

We got ahold of a Motionlingo Adeo to test out as I think a lot of people like to hear about cool gadgets that improve your riding experience. We’ll be doing a full writeup soon but for now I thought you should get a sneak peak.

What is an Adeo you ask?

  • Connects to GPS satellites to track & record your workouts, no calibration required
  • Audibly reports your distance, pace, speed, elapsed time, elevation and calories burned
  • Multi-sport functionality: running, walking, biking, blading, skiing
  • Lets you chart and evaluate your workouts on your PC or Mac
  • Works with any MP3 player, iPod®, or alone.

The basic principle is that this can be used on the mountian to track a lot of statistics involved with biking improvements in a tiny 2oz device. The Adeo can mark laps so if you’re riding a trail multiple times you can see how far ahead/behind you are on your pace. It can be programed to give you split times, speed, elevation, and much more so you know where you’re loosing time and gaining it over your buddy if you share a motion lingo. Updates come through headphones that you attach to the device in a clear distinct voice. Hooking up your iPod or other mp3 player allows you to listen to your music and get updates on the fly from the Adeo.

It can also print out on a google map what you just rode showing your elevation, top speed, average speed, and much more! Stay tuned as a full review is coming or check out

Update: See the review here